(March 2016) Population Reference Bureau is pleased to share its 2015 Annual Report in digital format. Click on the image below to view the Report, which includes a letter from the president, a “PRB in Figures” feature, highlights of PRB’s achievements during the year, and much more.

PRB 2015 Annual Report

A Message From Stan Smith, Chair of PRB's Board of Trustees

As Chair of the PRB Board of Trustees, I am honored to share with you the 2015 Annual Report. It comes in a new format this year and—for the first time—with an expanded digital version accessible on the PRB website.

The Report’s new presentation reflects an organization that has made innovation a strategic priority under the leadership of president and CEO, Jeffrey Jordan, who took office in July 2014. Jeff and his team are also committed to raising PRB’s profile through more effective communication of its work and impact. In this spirit, the Annual Report features a revamped “Highlights” section with profiles of key programmatic achievements during the year, such as PRB’s work to promote policies in support of a demographic dividend in Africa and its well-attended conference for users of data from the American Community Survey. The “PRB in Figures” section pinpoints essential numbers that tell a story about PRB’s impressive reach and level of engagement.

The digital edition of the Annual Report aligns with PRB’s reputation for excellence in dissemination through digital channels. Over the course of 2015, PRB’s Communications team worked closely with technical staff to develop striking digital features that bring data and research to life. Most notable among them was the 2015 edition of the signature World Population Data Sheet package, found at worldpopdata.org, which generated a substantial increase in visitor traffic. Others included an interactive infographic on male engagement in family planning strategies and a video called “What Is Race?” that featured demographer Mark Mather, of U.S. Programs, as part of the “Distilled Demographics” series. Most importantly, the Report shows what really makes PRB a unique and exciting place: its people and their remarkable range of skills and experience. As Jeff notes in his “Letter From the President,” the senior leadership team has added members with diverse backgrounds and new ideas to enhance the excellent work already underway. The “New Faces at PRB” section shows other talented individuals who joined PRB during the year.

I trust that, like me, you will be impressed and inspired by this Report showcasing what PRB is doing to improve the well-being of current and future generations around the world. However, in order to continue to innovate and expand its impact, PRB needs your support.

I ask you to consider a donation to PRB. You have several options: Donate by mail with the enclosed return envelope or fill out a simple online form on www.prb.org (click the “Donate” button at the top of the web page). Alternatively, you can give over the phone at 800-877-9881 or 202-483-1100. And if you are a federal employee, you can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC Code 11846).

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank you for your support.