"Today's Research on Aging" is an e-newsletter series intended to increase awareness of research results and their application to major public and private decisionmaking. Although policy debates may be closely followed by many members of society, not all people are aware of the research underlying policy prescriptions as well as the choices of public and private decisionmakers. By discussing recent research and the links to major government, business, social, and private issues, we hope to increase appreciation of the scientific findings relevant to aging and their effects on individuals and society.

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Today's Research on Aging: Recent Issues

Dementia Trends: Implications for an Aging America (Issue 36, July 2017)

How Neighborhoods Affect the Health and Well-Being of Older Americans (Issue 35, February 2017)

Longevity Research: Unraveling the Determinants of Healthy Aging and Longer Life Spans (Issue 34, November 2016)

Family Caregiving for Older People (Issue 33, February 2016)

Effects of the Great Recession on Older Americans' Health and Well-Being (Issue 32, November 2015)

Research on Health and Well-Being Aims to Improve Quality of Life in Later Years (Issue 31, June 2015)

Life Expectancy Gains and Public Programs for the Elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean (Issue 30, April 2014)

Elderly Immigrants in the United States (Issue 29, October 2013)

The Health and Life Expectancy of Older Blacks and Hispanics in the United States (Issue 28, June 2013)

The Interaction of Genes, Behavior, and Social Environment (Issue 27, December 2012)

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PRB staff gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the many reseachers who have reviewed issues of Today's Research on Aging.

Funding for this newsletter series and related articles and webcasts has been provided by the National Institute on Aging, Division of Behavioral and Social Research (BSR), through a grant from the University of Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging. This center coordinates dissemination of findings from the NIA demography centers located in academic institutions throughout the United States.