Distilled Demographics is a series of educational videos that highlight key concepts such as fertility, mortality, and migration. They are used in classrooms around the world to teach students about demography.

Distilled Demographics: What Is Race?
Demographer Mark Mather, associate vice president of U.S. Programs at PRB, explains the basics of race and its measurement in the U.S. Census, and how our understanding of race could change over time.

Distilled Demographics: Population Momentum
In this installment of Distilled Demographics, Carl Haub, senior demographer at PRB, breaks down the dynamics of population momentum, explaining its causes and effects.

Distilled Demographics: Where Do Population Data Come From?
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub explains how demographic data from countries are obtained, highlighting major global surveys and other means.

Distilled Demographics: The Demographic Dividend
Jay Gribble, PRB's vice president of International Programs, gives an overview of a demographic dividend: what it is and what it takes to achieve it.

Distilled Demographics: Urbanization
In this installment of Distilled Demographics, PRB senior demographer Carl Haub discusses the global diversity of "urban" areas and the implications of a more urban world.

Distilled Demographics: How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub approaches a guesstimate of how many people have ever lived on Earth.

Distilled Demographics: Population Projections
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub uncovers how demographers estimate what the population of a country or the world will be.

Distilled Demographics: Migration
How is an "immigrant" definied? Why do people migrate? How is the world becoming a "melting pot?" In this video, PRB senior demographer Carl Haub answers these questions and clarifies how migration affects population.

Distilled Demographics: The Death Rate
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub explains the trends behind the 20th century world population "explosion" and how declining death rates and rising life expectancy lead to higher population.

Distilled Demographics: The Birth Rate
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub shows how "crude" birth rates, the total fertility rate, and replacement-level fertility rates are measured, and using examples from various countries, why these measures matter for public health and economic development.

Distilled Demographics: Addressing Population Myths
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub dispels common population myths with facts.

Distilled Demographics: Deciphering Population Pyramids
PRB senior demographer Carl Haub describes how population pyramids give us a snapshot of a country's demographic profile.

PRB's Distilled Demographics video series was begun through a generous donation from Juanita Tamayo Lott and Robert H. Lott in support of PRB's Millennial Generation Outreach Program, and in memory of Jorge del Pinal.