PRB ENGAGE Snapshots offer key data on concise topics as tools for advocacy and education. These 1- to 3-minute videos with English narration are the perfect way to launch a conversation about a critical family planning or reproductive health issue with leaders, colleagues, advocates, and students.

Like the full-length PRB ENGAGE presentations, ENGAGE Snapshots can be streamed or downloaded. The Snapshots can also be easily embedded into PowerPoint, offering a simple means to enhance your own presentations or grab an audience's attention. Use an ENGAGE Snapshot:

  • At the beginning of your presentation to draw your audience in.
  • In the middle of your presentation to support your message with data and visual interest.
  • Or at the end of your presentation to stimulate discussion.

Some ideas of how to use the Snapshots:

  • A lot of people are talking about the demographic dividend, but this is a complex concept that can be difficult to explain. With Key African decisionmakers about how their countries can achieve the demographic dividend, use What Is the Demographic Dividend? Snapshot to provide a concise explanation of the demographic dividend and provide background for a more detailed, country-specific presentation.
  • Early marriage has consequences for girls, their communities, and countries. At a meeting bringing together researchers, advocates, and the media to discuss what is being done on the ground to prevent early marriage, show the Early Marriage Has Consequences for Development Snapshot to frame the issue and highlight the consequences of early marriage, as well as some effective strategies to address the problem.
  • Start a conversation about the importance of girls’ secondary education by showing Girls' Secondary Education Is a Pathway to Improved Health to community leaders and district officials. Use the Snapshot to encourage them to discuss ways to increase girls’ education in their communities for improved health and wealth for women and their families.

ENGAGE Snapshot Presentations User Guide: Offers useful tips for working with our multimedia ENGAGE Snapshot presentations. Also available: simple instructions to learn how to easily embed videos into PowerPoint files.

Watch all ENGAGE Snapshots with PRB's ENGAGE Snapshots YouTube playlist.