Through global, regional, and country-level programs, we work with journalists in developing countries to build their competence, understanding, and commitment to provide effective and high-profile coverage of health and population issues. Our work with journalists includes sponsoring seminars on these issues and providing support for reporters to attend and cover regional and international conferences.

We work in a variety of ways with journalists in developing countries to build their understanding and commitment to provide effective and prominent coverage of reproductive health, gender and other population-related issues. We form global and regional networks of journalists and hold annual or semi-annual seminars to provide the latest information on the issues and give them an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas. We also sponsor journalists to attend relevant regional and international conferences and facilitate their coverage of these events.

Women's Edition

Women's Edition brings together senior-level women editors, reporters, and producers from influential media organizations in developing countries to examine and report on pressing issues affecting women's health and status. Up to 15 senior journalists from leading news media organizations around the developing world are competitively selected to participate in this activity.

For more information, contact Deborah Mesce, 202-483-1100.