PRB and the Girl Scout Research Institute collaborated on a report that describes key issues and major trends affecting girls' leadership and healthy development in the United States. The report contains current statistical indicators and projections focused on key issues such as girls' health, safety, educational achievement, and demographic trends in a way that will be useful to a broad public audience including Girl Scout councils, educators, policy makers, nonprofit leaders, parents of girls, concerned community leaders, media, and girls themselves.

Data from individual indicators were combined to produce an overall index of girls' well-being for different racial/ethnic groups. PRB is expanding this national-level report and index of girls' well-being by producing a state-level database and state-level index of girls' well-being in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Anticipated follow-on projects will include development of state fact sheets and several policy reports.

For more information: Mark Mather, associate vice president, U.S. Programs, 202-483-1100.