Population Reference Bureau

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  • Media Toolkit

    PRB has worked with hundreds of journalists from developing countries to help them understand issues related to population, reproductive health, and gender status, so that they can report on them accurately and comprehensively. This media toolkit was funded by USAID under the PACE (Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Enhanced) project and based on lessons learned through our global journalism program Women’s Edition. The toolkit showcases PRB’s capacity efforts so that others who want to engage with the news media can learn from our work and expand the reach of this successful media training.

  • Tools for Subnational Policy Communication

    As more countries move toward a decentralized government structure—shifting the responsibility for political, fiscal, administrative, and other functions from the national government to subnational and local agencies—it is essential that local policymakers are well-informed about family planning (FP) and its role in development. The PACE project, with funding from USAID, has created a curated catalog of existing subnational policy communication materials and resources that demonstrate different approaches to using data in policy communication to advocate for financial and political support for FP.

  • Population, Health, and Environment Program

    PRB has released a PHE toolkit hosted on the Knowledge for Health website and an online PHE course on USAID’s Global Health e-Learning Center. Find links to both on our PHE Program page, as well as a link to the PHE Activity Map.