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Ending Child Marriage in Egypt

In Egypt, one in six girls marry before age 18. Child marriage is a violation of human rights and can cause a lifetime of consequences for girls and their families.


Family Caregiving for People With Dementia Infographic

This infographic illustrates data on family caregiving for people with dementia.


NPR Coverage of PRB Population Bulletin on Aging

PRB's Population Bulletin on aging in the United States was covered on NPR's "All Things Considered" by Ina Jaffe, who focuses on the aging of America.


Occupational Earnings Gap

Using the latest and most detailed data available, this visualization shows the gap in median earnings by gender and by occupation for full-time workers in the United States.


India Rising

India is approaching replacement fertility but is also on track to have the world’s largest population before 2025. This digital feature provides an interactive overview of India’s demographic trends.


Male Engagement Infographic

This infographic explores what it means to constructively engage men, and highlights promising strategies and programs.


Malnutrition: Meeting the Global Challenge

The multimedia presentation, "Malnutrition: Meeting the Global Challenge" presents the state of progress in achieving the World Health Assembly's nutrition targets and the challenges ahead.


The Impact of Population, Health, and Environment Projects: A Synthesis of the Evidence

In this webinar recorded on Oct. 14, Karen Hardee (Population Council), Kristen P. Patterson (PRB), and Clive Mutunga (USAID Bureau for Global Health), discussed a new working paper by the Evidence Project that synthesizes the available research from the latest generation of population, health, and environment (PHE) projects, providing a detailed account of the benefits of integrated projects and gaps in the evidence base.


Family Planning and the Path to Resilience

When a family is faced with a major disaster, how well are they able to respond? Can they find work? Feed everyone? Stay healthy? These new products address how family planning can help with those questions.


Improving Nutrition and Food Security Through Family Planning

The goal of the ENGAGE Presentation, "Improving Nutrition and Food Security Through Family Planning," is to raise awareness and understanding among decisionmakers about how family planning can help improve key measures of nutrition for mothers, infants, and children, as well as improve food security on a broader scale.


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