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Extreme Poverty and Health in the United States

Studies show that a growing number of U.S. families have incomes so low that the difficulties of their living situations may be masked by thinking of the poor as a homogeneous group. This webinar addressed issues such as how these families subsist, what public assistance they receive, and what their health challenges are.


Malnutrition: Nigeria's Silent Crisis

Each year about 1 million Nigerian children die before their fifth birthday. Malnutrition contributes to nearly half of these deaths. This multimedia presentation, "Malnutrition: Nigeria's Silent Crisis," describes the situation, the costs and consequences, and solutions to alleviating this crisis. It is designed as a tool to raise awareness and mobilize commitment and resources among Nigeria’s policymakers and leaders, and among global partners.


Connecting Paths: Integrating Reproductive Health and HIV Services in Kenya

"Connecting Paths: Integrating Reproductive Health and HIV Services in Kenya" is an ENGAGE multimedia presentation that highlights the linkages between reproductive health and HIV services as priorities for improving the health and well-being of Kenyans and achieving Kenya’s development goals.


U.S. Marriage, Divorce, Childbearing Trends Bring New Risks for Parents, Children

Demographers Robert Moffitt, Andrew Cherlin, Lisa Berkman, and H. Elizabeth Peters brief members of Congress on recent trends in marriage, divorce, and childbearing and the implications for health and well-being.


Malawians Together: Faith, Population, and Development

"Malawians Together: Faith, Population, and Development" is an ENGAGE multimedia presentation that portrays why family planning is consistent with religious values.


Children of Incarcerated Parents

PRB's Center for Public Information on Population Research, with funding from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, provided a webinar on "Children of Incarcerated Parents."


Give and Take Across Generations: How Changing Age Structure Can Lead to Economic Growth

The link between demographics and the economy is complex. "Give and Take Across Generations" presents a straightforward explanation of one facet of this important connection, by showing how lower fertility rates can benefit a nation's economy.


Distilled Demographics: What Is Race?

In this Distilled Demographics, demographer Mark Mather, associate vice president of U.S. Programs at PRB, explains the basics of race and its measurement in the U.S. Census, and how our understanding of race could change over time.


Women and Girls at Risk of FGM/C in the United States Graphics

Download and share these graphics that highlight key data from PRB's article, "Women and Girls at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in the United States."


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