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'Youth Unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa', Interview With David Lam

In a recent interview, David Lam discussed the findings of his research on the interaction between economics and the demography of the youth bulge in sub-Saharan Africa.


Examining Adolescent Health in International Development

With Cate Lane, youth adviser at USAID.


An Analysis of the Links Between Family Structure, Poverty, and Child Labor

Jean-François Kobiané and Moussa Bougma discuss the relationships between family structure, poverty, and child labor in Africa.


Understanding Population Projections Infographic

This infographic uses three main projections produced by the UN Population Division to illustrate how assumptions can produce significantly different results over time.


Harnessing a Demographic Dividend Infographic

This infographic explains the demographic dividend, highlighting the need for additional investments, especially in family planning, to generate economic growth.


'The Effects of Youth Population Growth on Sub-Saharan Economics', Interview With David Lam

David Lam discusses the effects of youth population growth on sub-Saharan African economics.


The Influence of Demographic Transitions on Economic Development in Brazil

Ernesto Amaral discusses the influence of demographic transition on economic development in Brazil.


The Family Planning Ripple Effect for Child Survival Infographic

This infographic highlights how family planning contributes to improving child survival around the world.


U.S. Retirement Challenges Infographic

This infographic highlights U.S. retirement challenges.


Late-Life Disability and Long-Term Care

Douglas Wolf discusses disability and long-term care policy in the U.S.


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