PRB: Articles/Publications/Articles.aspxFamily Planning Challenges and Decentralization of Health Services in Latin AmericaIn recent decades, several countries throughout Latin America have undergone health sector reform in efforts to improve the quality of care and the level of coverage. Among the most common of these reforms is the decentralization of health services.06/24/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/familyplanning-latinamerica.aspxbc314701-87c2-423e-b870-b05d0e1700f3Family Planning in West AfricaFor many years, donors and governments focused attention on family planning in West Africa to both improve maternal and child health and enhance economic development. However, as fighting HIV/AIDS became a priority in the region, family planning received much less attention.03/14/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/westafricafamilyplanning.aspx6cb2f09b-297a-42fb-815e-a99dc8600eb1Solutions to Reducing Vaccine-Preventable Childhood DiseasesFour diseases--diphtheria, measles, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus--were responsible for an estimated 218,400 deaths worldwide in 2013, yet just two combination vaccines, DTP and MCV, can protect children from these diseases.06/24/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/vaccine-preventable-childhood-disease.aspx4563ef85-c651-43af-a546-bcf5476facaaBack to the Future: Guy Irving Burch and the (Surprisingly Modern) Demographic World of the 1930sAfter a 50-year post-World War II interlude, we have gone back in many respects to the trends and dynamics that marked the world of PRB's founder. 12/01/2005/Publications/Articles/2005/BacktotheFutureGuyIrvingBurchandtheSurprisinglyModernDemographicWorldofthe1930s.aspx944c757c-c7c3-41de-b3ae-9f744294861cClimate Change Impacts and Emerging Population Trends: A Recipe for Disaster?More sizzling summers. Rising sea levels. Increasingly violent storms and floods. These are just a few of the many potential impacts of climate change projected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).10/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/ClimateChangeImpactsandEmergingPopulationTrendsARecipeforDisaster.aspx58d813b0-9c12-4444-ad23-f45171e53e0fGender-Based Violence: Impediment to Reproductive HealthGender-Based Violence: Impediment to Reproductive Health presents background on the frequency of gender-based violence and outlines the ways in which it is an impediment to health passed on from generation to generation.09/01/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/genderbasedviolencerh.aspxa22a443d-f9fe-4e1d-bf86-58e85b38a45dTrusteesPRB is governed by a Board of Trustees representing diverse community and professional interests.01/27/2014/About/Trustees.aspx9c04edb3-f601-4e71-87b5-ffb531ec0fc6Striving for Sustainability at 10 Billion: The 2016 World Population Data SheetPRB's Jeff Jordan & Peter Goldstein discuss highlights from the 2016 World Population Data Sheet.09/16/2016/Publications/Articles/2016/striving-for-sustainability-at-10-billion.aspxc2f57640-5e28-4499-93fe-e41c49bbe794The Changing Demography of U.S. Flight AttendantsFlight attendants have become older compared with the overall U.S. workforce over the last several decades. The ongoing economic crisis suggests that the population of flight attendants will age even more in the coming years as many workers are likely to postpone their retirement.06/03/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/usflightattendants.aspx669db2e3-1807-4ef6-8aa0-998387ceb65eFaith-Based Organizations Have a Large Role to Play in Addressing Gender-Based ViolenceThe importance of engaging faith leaders in the effort to transform masculinities, prevent SGBV, and provide a safe space for survivors of SGBV remains critical given the role of religious leaders in setting gender norms. Since SGBV is often associated with stigma, it is vital that survivors feel supported by their religious communities. 10/18/2017/Publications/Articles/2017/Faith-Based-Organizations-Have-Large-Role-Addressing-Gender-Based-Violence.aspx719fa9f3-f3a7-4f2b-bc7b-f7d2fd42fa45