Teacher's Guide: Discussion Questions

Largest Urban Agglomerations, 1975, 2000, 2025

  1. Where will most of the new 10 million-plus cities spring up in 2025—in more developed or less developed countries?
  2. How did growth in London differ from that of Lagos in the past 50 years?


  1. What is the definition of an urban area?
  2. In 2000, did most of the world's people live in rural or urban areas?
  3. Describe the differences in the patterns of urbanization in the more developed and less developed countries.


Find the column on the World Population Data Sheet showing the percent of population residing in urban areas. Also examine the column showing the percent of population in urban agglomerations of 750,000 or more. For a few countries from different regions, calculate the proportion of the country’s population living in these large urban areas. Do most urban residents reside in agglomerations of more than 750,000 residents or fewer?


Why are megacities increasing so rapidly in less developed countries? What are some implications of rapid growth in these cities?