PRB: Reports/Publications/Reports.aspxToll of Recent Recession Still Evident in Appalachia, PRB Report ShowsThe Appalachian Region: A Data Overview From the 2010-2014 American Community Survey, prepared by PRB for the Appalachian Regional Commission compares newly released American Community Survey data for 2010-2014 to 2005-2009 to show trends in income, employment, and other indicators at the regional, subregional, and county levels. 06/23/2016/Publications/Reports/2016/appalachia-overview-acs-2016.aspx3369723c-46c8-41ae-b0ef-7d367f03afcaToday's Research on Aging: Family CaregivingThis report highlights recent National Institute on Aging-supported research on the impact of caregiving on family members, the dynamics of caregiving within extended families, and the future need and availability of family care. 02/24/2016/Publications/Reports/2016/todays-research-aging-caregiving.aspx18953aab-50b4-4815-b151-2270a532c4f8Communicating Research: Policymakers' PerspectiveThis policy brief summarizes policymakers’ perspectives on what constitutes barriers to evidence-informed policymaking. It also presents strategies for making research results more accessible to high-level policymakers at the country level, based on what they say they want as well as evidence about what information policymakers can and do use in policymaking.05/02/2016/Publications/Reports/2016/poppov-policy-brief-policymakers.aspxb8158fc9-801f-4c43-a13a-31aa1a48833dAdolescent Girls in EgyptThis PRB policy brief explores the lives of adolescent girls in Egypt. A national response that cuts across development sectors and programs is necessary because of the girls’ demographic significance and more importantly because they are vulnerable to harmful practices such as female genital cutting (FGC) and early marriage that violate girls’ rights and hinder the country’s development.04/29/2016/Publications/Reports/2016/adolescent-girls-in-egypt.aspx7ca285f3-d5d7-4c40-ab0b-c9716583c6edMaking the Case for Investing in Adolescent Reproductive HealthThis report highlights new research from the Population and Poverty (PopPov) Research Initiative that bolsters the case for investments in adolescent reproductive health and family planning programs and identifies knowledge gaps where research is still needed.01/21/2016/Publications/Reports/2016/poppov-adolescent-sexual-reprohealth.aspx1bb60de5-ee81-4d5f-9711-c62c7ccb1e16Ending Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: Lessons From a Decade of ProgressThis report pulls together the lessons learned from the last decade and crafts a roadmap for how to strengthen future programs to end the practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). 02/03/2014/Publications/Reports/2014/progress-ending-fgm.aspxd27bdb8c-00db-4751-b78e-463342d63ff0Trends in Life Expectancy in the United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands: Rapid Increase, Stagnation, and ResumptionThis report highlights findings from a National Research Council investigation of the causes of stagnation in U.S. life expectancy at age 50 and above. 08/10/2011/Publications/Reports/2011/aging-trends.aspxfc92a2bf-9037-46e9-b1d1-629b68df31c1The Interaction of Genes, Behavior, and Social EnvironmentThis report explores the interaction of genes, behavior, and the social environment on well-being in old age.12/03/2012/Publications/Reports/2012/genes-behavior-environment.aspxf8e4f1d1-26d0-4426-b6c9-d9b21a4f7344Planning for Retirement and End-of-Life CareThis report examines the impact of planning for retirement and end-of-life decisions on the well-being of older people and their families.01/27/2012/Publications/Reports/2012/end-of-life-planning.aspxf85bad87-1d51-47b5-a750-6d96fbfce3bbAmerica's Aging PopulationThis Population Bulletin examines the current and future U.S. population ages 65 and older and considers the costs and implications of America's aging population. 02/25/2011/Publications/Reports/2011/americas-aging-population.aspxd3982e36-d897-41b9-afc0-71ff7267afc2