PRB Region Feed: Asia/Pacific/Regions/AsiaPacific.aspxUrbanization Takes on New Dimensions in Asia's Population GiantsThe UN projects that the proportion of the world’s people living in urban places will hit 60 percent by 2030, up from 47 percent in 1999. This explosive urban growth will be especially dramatic and uneven in Asia.10/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/UrbanizationTakesonNewDimensionsinAsiasPopulationGiants.aspxea3ed720-8017-41de-95f6-8506e39ba11fPRB Discuss Online: Have Reproductive Health Voucher Programs Improved Equity, Efficiency, and Impact? In a PRB Discuss Online, Ben Bellows, associate with the Population Council and co-author of "The Use of Vouchers for Reproductive Health Services in Developing Countries: Systematic Review," answered questions from participants about program design and performance for reproductive health vouchers. Read a transcript of the questions and answers. 01/18/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/discussionjan22011.aspx8814f932-50aa-48e8-84a9-ce3af4e52395Evidence Can Help Make Sustainable Development Investments StrategicThe Population and Poverty (PopPov) Conference on Population, Reproductive Health, and Economic Development highlighted evidence relevant to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.06/23/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/poppov-investing-in-women.aspx213887c7-ffa6-40cf-81d2-e4a453dc62cdAn Overview of Population and Development in VietnamVietnam is experiencing rapid population change. The population growth rate is only 1.4 percent per year and the total fertility rate is nearing replacement level. Despite dramatic progress, the country finds itself with a high abortion rate, low educational levels, and accelerating HIV rates. 02/07/2003/Publications/Articles/2003/AnOverviewofPopulationandDevelopmentinVietnam.aspx01bae70e-35a3-4b49-87b4-616af4e7fb07Taking Stock of Reproductive Health and the Media—Interview With Women's Edition Journalists On November 14, five of the 12 participants in PRB's Women’s Edition seminar sat down to discuss reproductive health issues, the impact of the Women’s Edition seminar, and the challenges and opportunities of being a woman journalist in their respective countries.12/09/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/womenseditioninterview.aspxe469d063-0a56-4270-9d14-d7c92a83ad90China Faces Challenges in Effort to Contain HIV/AIDS CrisisWith official estimates of Chinese people living with HIV/AIDS rising from 500,000 in 1999 to 1 million by 2002, China continues to face a number of challenges as it strives to contain a crisis that experts fear could affect more than 10 million people by 2010. 05/20/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/ChinaFacesChallengesinEfforttoContainHIVAIDSCrisis.aspx384bd692-33c2-4f1d-aa13-342a72f13b93In Bhutan, Environment Drives Public Health PoliciesOver the past 30 years, Bhutan has systematically reduced its high prevalence of respiratory disease and maternal mortality to become a health care success story in South Asia. 07/17/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/BhutanPublicHealth.aspxff10edb1-3d28-435b-b292-8014e2bb9f25Reproductive Health and Economic Development: What Connections Should We Focus On?This PopPov Research Network brief examines the emerging evidence base for answering questions about the relationship between reproductive health and important areas of human capital development.05/16/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/poppov-economicdevelopment-reproductivehealth-women.aspxf9419a26-998d-49fd-9af9-3128ff841486Age Structure Has Changed Differently Across Regions Between 1970 and 2014Today, the share of global population under age 20 has dropped to about 35 percent, the population between ages 20 and 64 represent 58 percent, and ages 65 and older represent 7 percent.10/16/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/wpds-2014-pyramids.aspxe1aa4c9e-9e98-421d-934c-0cbc30e2f6c7Countries Vary in Progress Toward Reducing Still-High Maternal MortalityGlobally, the maternal mortality ratio dropped from 380 deaths to 210 deaths per 100,000 live births between 1990 and 2013.10/15/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/wpds-2014-maternal-mortality.aspxd962b3e1-4d00-448a-aacb-7785385026c5