PRB Region Feed: Asia/Pacific/Regions/AsiaPacific.aspxShort Videos Highlight Important FGMC DataThe videos aim to expand understanding of key data issues in FGM/C research, including the importance of looking beyond national prevalence to identify hotspots or areas within a country where FGM/C is widely practiced, analyzing change over time by comparing older and younger cohorts rather than changes in overall prevalence, understanding the various questions and data gaps that are raised by newly available data in Indonesia.10/09/2017/Multimedia/Video/2017/Short-Videos-Highlight-Important-FGMC-Data.aspxa79a537d-3f6f-458b-99b6-ec36a003ab0aLow Wages in India's Manufacturing IndustryIndia is the fourth-largest economy in the world, accounting for 4.6 percent of the world's gross domestic product. Yet India's exports in 2007 were only 1 percent of the world's total. A study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics presents new data on labor costs in the manufacturing industry in India. 07/07/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/indiamanufacturing.aspx324a1c9c-15db-41d4-aad5-a34ed255db6eExamining Literacy Using India's CensusLiteracy, as most commonly measured in a population census, may not be capturing the true level of functional literacy, as suggested by data from the Census of India. 10/20/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/censusliteracyindia.aspx1958862d-3b7d-4f23-ba71-1d1d03a91837Community Action Addresses Population Impacts on the EnvironmentA young population age structure, in-migration, and high fertility contribute to rapid population growth in many communities, exerting pressure on local resources. 02/09/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/CommunityActionAddressesPopulationImpactsEnvironment.aspxfa1e7585-345f-4f9e-a429-e8ab790579e5Shotgun Weddings a Sign of the Times in JapanIncreasingly, young Japanese women are dispensing with tradition and getting married after getting pregnant.07/26/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/ShotgunWeddingsaSignoftheTimesinJapan.aspxc0bf6835-11de-494c-a034-357e7dd74f5bHow People in India <i>Really</i> LiveMost houses in India are constructed of mud and have dirt floors and very few households have computers or cars. 12/18/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/howindianslive.aspxc0bc844d-4c52-4c8b-bc7f-1c3b4e43e0e3Why Do Older Chinese Face Higher Death Rates in Rural Areas?Chinese adults who are cadres, or public officials who hold responsible or managerial positions in the party and government, had a significantly lower risk of death than other older Chinese. 02/11/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/olderchinese.aspxa2a1ca79-6c0d-4ae5-82c7-33712ec6bd6aPRB-Sponsored Journalists Put Family Planning Into Local ContextPopulation Reference Bureau (PRB) supported 18 journalists from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to cover the 2016 International Conference on Family Planning in Bali, Indonesia. 02/19/2016/Publications/Articles/2016/womens-edition-journalists-icfp.aspxf164a0a5-b36e-4836-bb6b-44185c9c6ef6Urbanization Takes on New Dimensions in Asia's Population GiantsThe UN projects that the proportion of the world’s people living in urban places will hit 60 percent by 2030, up from 47 percent in 1999. This explosive urban growth will be especially dramatic and uneven in Asia.10/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/UrbanizationTakesonNewDimensionsinAsiasPopulationGiants.aspxea3ed720-8017-41de-95f6-8506e39ba11fSubsidized Contraceptives Benefit Disadvantaged WomenRecent research considers the extent to which subsidized contraceptives influence the use of family planning supplies in several developing countries.08/24/2013/Publications/Articles/2013/subsidized-contraception.aspxcdd0615c-ead6-48b2-b588-595d69b04334