PRB Region Feed: Latin America/Regions/LatinAmerica.aspxLatin America and the Caribbean Country ProfilesThese UNFPA/PRB country profiles for 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries includes 10 from the Caribbean, eight from Central America and 12 from South America. At the beginning of 2003, the region’s total population was 534 million and was growing at a rate of 1.46 percent — down from 1.72 percent during 1990-1995. 10/17/2003/Publications/Reports/2003/LatinAmericaandtheCaribbeanCountryProfilesPDF139MB.aspx12527547-4f9b-4fec-a28f-5ad6f959069d2006 World Population Data SheetPRB's 2006 World Population Data Sheet contains the latest population estimates, projections, and other key indicators for more than 200 countries, including data on net migration rates, percent of surface area protected, and population with access to improved sanitation.08/01/2006/Publications/Datasheets/2006/2006WorldPopulationDataSheet.aspx10ed1cfa-ff8c-4e53-8fb7-786a47300d04Bridging Research and Policy: The PopPov Initiative The PopPov network is a group of global researchers and funders that is interested in how population dynamics impact economic outcomes, focusing on how population policies can be used for poverty reduction. 03/01/2012/Multimedia/Video/2012/poppov-about-video.aspx1048edf8-ecdc-4ad2-a624-456044b6184a2006 World Population Data Sheet WebcastPRB's 2006 World Population Data Sheet was released at a press briefing at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on Aug. 17, 2006. 08/17/2006/Multimedia/Video/2006/2006WorldPopulationDataSheet.aspx091c051a-5259-4c24-b602-26dbe90735bcJamaica Reproductive Health Survey 1997: Main FindingsThis PRB summary of the 1997 Jamaica Reproductive Health Survey reports on recent trends in fertility, trends in contraceptive use, fertility intentions, fertility and contraception among teenagers, and contraceptive supplies and services.11/18/1998/Publications/Reports/1998/JamaicaRHSurvey.aspx044b9221-2c1a-4581-90a5-9470b046cbb9InfographicThis infographic highlights key population trends in PRB's 2013 World Population Data Sheet, and the numbers behind them.09/09/2013/Publications/Datasheets/2013/2013-world-population-data-sheet/infographic.aspx006d7e75-a79c-45dc-81da-2ae60e35123cLatin America01/01/0001/Regions/LatinAmerica.aspx97597e4c-b57f-41cb-88ca-07899996d16bWorld Map<p>Browse through 17 indicators organized in six tabs: population, births and deaths, life expectancy, HIV/AIDS, family planning, and income. View data on global, regional, or country maps or tables.</p>09/09/2013/Publications/Datasheets/2013/2013-world-population-data-sheet/world-map.aspx3fb966b0-4167-4170-b0e3-50ac08416df5