PRB Region Feed: Latin America/Regions/LatinAmerica.aspxChild Mortality Rates Decline Steadily Across Much of the WorldAcross the globe, many countries have made significant progress in reducing child mortality.10/15/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/wpds-2014-child-mortality.aspx990222c4-c69c-4c0b-8852-8f966afaed5216 Days of Activism Against Gender ViolenceThe 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that symbolically links violence against women and human rights, and emphasizes that such violence is a human rights violation. 11/26/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/16days-gbv-2012.aspx69c7dc59-7ac6-4eca-a3e2-870151b0d17bFighting Air Pollution in Mexico City and São PauloBecause increases in respiratory and cardiovascular illness and death have been linked to major air pollution, cities are taking steps to clear the air. Megacities have reduced air pollution levels with new policies and relatively simple technological fixes.07/17/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/FightingAirPollution.aspx0f4397fe-0ab4-44e1-9651-45a039323a1aBrazil's Fertility Falls Below Two-Child AverageRecent population estimates from Brazil's national statistical office (IBGE) peg the national fertility rate at just 1.9 lifetime children per woman in 2007, lower than previous rates estimated by the UN, the U.S. Census Bureau, PRB, and other international organizations that estimate population measures.02/17/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/braziltfrdecline.aspxb6aeffa8-f692-479b-80c9-9642f0aa9defNoncommunicable Diseases Among Older Adults in Low- and Middle-Income CountriesThis e-newsletter highlights work by National Institute on Aging (NIA)-supported researchers and others on the patterns and dynamics of noncommunicable diseases among older adults in low- and middle-income countries.08/01/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/noncommunicable-diseases-older-adults.aspx9892ca36-3793-4a58-9b4e-df341a6c5d8eResearch on Health and Well-Being Aims to Improve Quality of Life in Later YearsAs older Americans live longer, researchers are exploring the connections between health and well-being in order to improve the overall quality of life in later years. 06/19/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/todays-research-aging-wellbeing.aspx6ca058c8-a626-47b9-83ef-c8f0276a4d94Uruguay Out Front on Population AgingWith the largest proportion of people 60 years and older, Uruguay represents the "oldest" nation in Latin America — indeed, in the entire Western Hemisphere. 06/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/UruguayOutFrontonPopulationAging.aspx5d15e27a-bf32-4041-b11f-2d5641d6b18aArgentina's Economic Crisis May Affect Migration TrendsThe current economic crisis in Argentina is almost certain to affect migration patterns in Latin America. Argentina has long been a magnet for workers from its poorer neighbors. 01/01/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/ArgentinasEconomicCrisisMayAffectMigrationTrends.aspx53cf8c86-8372-452a-b8a4-fcd9392d9689Sydney Redux: Bahamas Defends Demographic Olympics TitleAccording to demographer Kelvin Pollard, the Bahamas were the big 2004 Summer Olympics winners, according to the "crude medal rate."09/17/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/SydneyReduxBahamasDefendsDemographicOlympicsTitle.aspx3f11e043-5081-4a0a-8102-53c7c8439ee1Gender and the Environment: Reflections from Central AmericaCristina Espinosa and Lorena Aguilar, from the Social Policy Program of the World Conservation Union, gave a seminar at PRB on "Gender and the Environment: Reflections from Central America." 08/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/GenderandtheEnvironmentReflectionsfromCentralAmerica.aspxf4a9a440-9d5f-4af8-b720-59c9c6062360