PRB Region Feed: North America/Regions/NorthAmerica.aspxThe Changing Demography of U.S. Flight AttendantsFlight attendants have become older compared with the overall U.S. workforce over the last several decades. The ongoing economic crisis suggests that the population of flight attendants will age even more in the coming years as many workers are likely to postpone their retirement.06/03/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/usflightattendants.aspx669db2e3-1807-4ef6-8aa0-998387ceb65eU.S. Energy Boom Fuels Population Growth in Many Rural CountiesA population boom in energy-rich counties is breathing new life into parts of the Midwest and Appalachia that have experienced long-term population decline or slow growth compared with the rest of the United States, according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.03/28/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/us-oil-rich-counties.aspxfab9887d-e5d0-4763-acd7-37210c42bb91Rural America Undergoing a Diversity of Demographic ChangeGains have been greatest in the fringes of metropolitan areas and in rural areas that are proximate to metropolitan areas. In contrast, gains have been smallest in the heavily populated core counties of large metropolitan areas and in remote and thinly populated rural areas. 05/01/2006/Publications/Articles/2006/RuralAmericaUndergoingaDiversityofDemographicChange.aspx970eec45-92e1-4a8f-996c-61ff264d956dWhere Poverty and Inequality IntersectIn the United States, the gap between those at the top of the economic ladder and those at the bottom is wide and growing.09/23/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/us-poverty-inequality.aspx7a6badc0-3a74-433a-b14c-d38806bc4d59New Database Reveals State Variations in the U.S. Science and Engineering Labor ForceA new database created by the Population Reference Bureau reveals geographic differences in characteristics of people working in the science and engineering labor force in the United States. 09/12/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/NewDatabaseRevealsStateVariations.aspx6f18a348-db70-438f-aa83-49f88002da15The Crossover in Female-Male College Enrollment RatesSince 1991, the proportion of young women enrolled in college in the United States has exceeded the enrollment rate for young men, and the gap has widened over time. Women now make up the majority (54 percent) of the 11 million students enrolled in college.02/13/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/CrossoverinFemaleMaleCollegeEnrollmentRates.aspx6d09c465-a12c-498d-a673-bd863201b0adU.S. Latino Children Fare Poorly on Many Social IndicatorsLatinos make up a growing share of young Americans. Latino children and youth face some unique challenges as they grow up, and they fare poorly on many social indicators. Meeting their needs is important for the future of U.S. children and families. 11/02/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/latinochildren.aspx6cce2aa1-609b-4198-b89f-b1d10ae03bf0The New, Regional PoliticsThe results of the 2000 U.S. presidential election and those of several to come will be influenced by sharp regional shifts in America's voting population, shifts that began in 1990. (Note: This article was written prior to the 2000 presidential election.)10/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/TheNewRegionalPolitics.aspx5cfee2ae-b80f-4359-bcc2-3697e8a5838eWhy Do Canadians Outlive Americans?Over 250,000 Americans who died in 1998, roughly one of every 10 U.S. deaths that year, would have survived had they been Canadian, according to a comparison of patterns of death between the two countries.11/01/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/WhyDoCanadiansOutliveAmericans.aspx28f1a4ce-fd83-4606-bb66-18eaefba876eClosing the Male-Female Labor Force GapThe growing proportion of women doing paid work has transformed gender relations, changed patterns of marriage and childbearing, and is often viewed as a key indicator of women's progress toward gender equality in the labor force. 03/21/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/ClosingtheMaleFemaleLaborForceGap.aspx288f1b9d-aa94-4d60-89b2-f0dbd90bf3bb