PRB Region Feed: Sub-Saharan Africa/Regions/SubSaharanAfrica.aspxHealth Journalists Network in Uganda Wins Global Media AwardThe Health Journalists Network in Uganda has won this year's top Global Media Award with its special edition of Health Digest on reproductive health policy.12/17/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/health-journalists-award.aspxa95100f4-62c7-4bf1-9a17-c53716cad23aShort Videos Highlight Important FGMC DataThe videos aim to expand understanding of key data issues in FGM/C research, including the importance of looking beyond national prevalence to identify hotspots or areas within a country where FGM/C is widely practiced, analyzing change over time by comparing older and younger cohorts rather than changes in overall prevalence, understanding the various questions and data gaps that are raised by newly available data in Indonesia.10/09/2017/Multimedia/Video/2017/Short-Videos-Highlight-Important-FGMC-Data.aspxa79a537d-3f6f-458b-99b6-ec36a003ab0aPromoting Resilience Through Family Planning in KenyaAs Kenya faces drought and recurring food insecurity, building resilience among the nation’s vulnerable populations is more important than ever before. Resilience means how well and how quickly people, their families, communities, and the country can respond to, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses. 09/28/2017/Multimedia/Video/2017/Promoting-Resilience-Through-Family-Planning-in-Kenya.aspxfdc7fa0b-da94-4d99-bc81-c04ae787e658Family Planning and Kenya ProgressFamily planning is a cross-cutting intervention that can accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Kenya, family planning is a best buy that contributes to the nation’s growth and creates a path towards achieving the SDGs and Kenya’s Vision 2030. 10/03/2017/Multimedia/Video/2017/Family-Planning-and-Kenya-Progress.aspxae312eac-9a1f-4bfb-b8da-3e829bb78103Misconceptions About Attitudes Toward AIDS in AfricaIn the world of HIV prevention, policy researchers and program officers have long puzzled over why information and educational campaigns have failed to significantly change behaviors in Africa. The findings of an ethnographic study based in Malawi challenge commonly held assumptions. 10/31/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/misconceptions.aspx91a06c9d-21c6-446c-9d2c-5b15c50d8c81Family Planning in West AfricaFor many years, donors and governments focused attention on family planning in West Africa to both improve maternal and child health and enhance economic development. However, as fighting HIV/AIDS became a priority in the region, family planning received much less attention.03/14/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/westafricafamilyplanning.aspx6cb2f09b-297a-42fb-815e-a99dc8600eb1Zero Tolerance to FGM/C: A Day for ReflectionFeb. 6 is the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C).02/06/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/zero-tolerance-fgm-2014.aspx5a03f5f9-740c-4718-9b59-ab7024d3bb31PRB-Sponsored Journalists Put Family Planning Into Local ContextPopulation Reference Bureau (PRB) supported 18 journalists from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to cover the 2016 International Conference on Family Planning in Bali, Indonesia. 02/19/2016/Publications/Articles/2016/womens-edition-journalists-icfp.aspxf164a0a5-b36e-4836-bb6b-44185c9c6ef6The Role of Intergenerational Land Transfers and Education in Fertility Transition in Rural Kenya Using data from Nyeri District in rural Kenya, researchers examined the impact of diminishing land availability, farm size, and inheritance patterns on fertility decisionmaking and behavior, and shed new light on the role of education, long considered the key determinant of fertility transition.07/22/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/kenyafertility.aspxf07d8be2-6064-4db7-abdf-be5810bb7aebEthiopia Makes Progress Toward a Demographic DividendOver the last two decades, Ethiopia has experienced an impressive decline in fertility, enjoyed strong economic growth, and made great strides in poverty reduction.12/16/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/blog-ethiopia-demographic-dividend.aspxd9d2485b-3e4e-4abe-b942-ca882ec50db7