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Improving Nutrition and Food Security Through Family Planning

The goal of the ENGAGE Presentation, "Improving Nutrition and Food Security Through Family Planning," is to raise awareness and understanding among decisionmakers about how family planning can help improve key measures of nutrition for mothers, infants, and children, as well as improve food security on a broader scale.


Family Planning and the Path to Resilience

When a family is faced with a major disaster, how well are they able to respond? Can they find work? Feed everyone? Stay healthy? These new products address how family planning can help with those questions.

2015 World Population Data Sheet

August 2015: Datasheet The 2015 World Population Data Sheet provides the latest data on 20 population, health, and environment indicators for the world, major regions, and more than 200 countries. It includes a special set of indicators and analytical graphics aimed at assessing the state of women's empowerment globally. Also online: updated indicators in DataFinder.

Reducing Maternal Deaths in West and Central Africa

August 2015: Article Maternal deaths can be prevented when women give birth in health facilities attended by skilled personnel.

Climate Change Working Group

September 2014: Article

Addressing Limited Contraceptive Options and Inconsistent Use in Zimbabwe

August 2015: Article Research shows Zimbabwean women rely on a few contraceptive methods (oral contraceptive pills, injectable contraceptives, and male condoms) and almost 1 in 5 new contraceptive users discontinue within one year.

Improve Antenatal Care in Ghana's Lower-Level Health Facilities

August 2015: Article Low-quality antenatal care may be contributing to Ghana’s high maternal mortality rates, according to a recent study.

Building Resilience Through Family Planning: A Transformative Approach For Women, Families, and Communities

August 2015: Report This brief aims to help health, climate change, and development practitioners who focus on resilience better understand and communicate these connections in order to embrace and promote family planning as a local, national, and global development priority.


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