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Looking Back at the Century of Population

January 2000: Article Experts from around the world identify the most important population trends and events of the 20th century.

Five Good Reasons to Integrate Family Planning/Reproductive Health and HIV Services

November 2009: Article PRB recently published the policy brief, Supporting the Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services. This article highlights five good reasons why integration is a sound investment that will pay multiple dividends for individuals, communities, societies, and health systems.

Iran's Demographic Dividend and the Implications of the Nuclear Deal

December 2015: Article This article by Farzaneh Roudi, program director for the Middle East and North Africa at PRB, was published in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

Racial Differences in Health Status and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States

March 2011: Article James B. Kirby and Toshiko Kaneda explore how long individuals are expected to live with different types of health insurance coverage and in different health states throughout their lives.

Shotgun Weddings a Sign of the Times in Japan

July 2002: Article Increasingly, young Japanese women are dispensing with tradition and getting married after getting pregnant.

How People in India Really Live

December 2008: Article Most houses in India are constructed of mud and have dirt floors and very few households have computers or cars.

Family Planning Challenges and Decentralization of Health Services in Latin America

June 2008: Article In recent decades, several countries throughout Latin America have undergone health sector reform in efforts to improve the quality of care and the level of coverage. Among the most common of these reforms is the decentralization of health services.

Alfred Lotka, Mathematical Demographer

March 2000: Article Alfred J. Lotka's work on the mathematics of stable populations was "the greatest single contribution to population theory."

Why Do Older Chinese Face Higher Death Rates in Rural Areas?

February 2008: Article Chinese adults who are cadres, or public officials who hold responsible or managerial positions in the party and government, had a significantly lower risk of death than other older Chinese.

Back to the Future: Guy Irving Burch and the (Surprisingly Modern) Demographic World of the 1930s

December 2005: Article After a 50-year post-World War II interlude, we have gone back in many respects to the trends and dynamics that marked the world of PRB's founder.


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