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PRB Leading the Hewlett Foundation's PopPov Initiative

March 2011: Article PopPov's goal is to produce a growing body of sound, policy-relevant evidence to be shared among the research community and to be incorporated into national economic planning and decisionmaking. The PopPov website, www.poppov.org, showcases the network's researchers and projects.

A Critical Window for Policymaking on Population Aging in Developing Countries

January 2006: Article The world's elderly population is quickly growing, and developing countries need to invest soon in formal systems of old-age support.

United Nations Raises Projected World Population

June 2013: Article The United Nations Population Division has released its comprehensive estimates and projections for 2012: "World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision." The results show a larger global population size in 2050, 9.6 billion, up from the 9.3 billion that the UN projected in its 2010 revision.

Quality Sexual Education Needed for Adolescents in Egyptian Schools

March 2012: Article This working paper presents key findings and some recommendations based on a recent study conducted in three governorates of Egypt: Cairo, Giza, and Gharbia. The study, conducted by the author, shows that students find what they learn in school about sexual and reproductive health issues to be insufficient, and moreover, teachers and students are shy and embarrassed during these lessons.

Mama Muliri of HEAL Africa: Battling Gender-Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

May 2010: Article Jeanne Muliri Kabekatyo ("Mama Muliri") pioneered and leads Heal My People, HEAL Africa's strategic response to gender-based violence. Muliri visited PRB to talk about efforts to eradicate gender-based violence, economic empowerment of women, and the importance of holistic development.

Reproductive Health Subaccounts Track Funding Sources and Expenditures

May 2010: Article Although family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH) programs are generally underfunded. One approach advocates are using to address key policy questions are RH subaccounts, a tool that countries can use to track the flows of funds for FP/RH services through the health care system.

Immigration Comes Alive in Newest U.S. Population Projections

March 2000: Article On January 13, 2000, the Census Bureau released its latest national projections on the size and composition of the United States.

Once an Urban Phenomenon, HIV/AIDS Threatens Lives and Livelihoods of Rural Communities

August 2003: Article AIDS-related deaths among farm workers threaten agricultural production and food security, most notably in southern and eastern Africa.

Race, Ethnicity, and Where You Live Matters: Recent Findings on Health and Mortality of U.S. Elderly

February 2008: Article Remarkable improvements in health care and higher incomes have benefited older Americans from all racial and ethnic groups, but significant gaps persist and have even widened among some groups.

Pinpointing Poverty

January 2001: Article With funding for Head Start, Title I, and measures to mitigate negative effects of welfare reform all linked to the U.S. Census Bureau's poverty estimates, the agency is refining and updating its numbers.


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