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2014 World Population Data Sheet

The 2014 World Population Data Sheet offers up-to-date demographic, health, and environment data on 16…

World Population Digital Visualization 2014

Explore current and projected population by region and country. And look at changes in total…

2014 Population Clock

This population clock reflects data from PRB's 2014 World Population Data Sheet.

2014 World Population Interactive Map

View data on global, regional, or country maps or tables using PRB's 2014 interactive world…

Deciphering the Demography of Myanmar

August 2014: Article Due to decades of seclusion that only ended in 2011, much remains unknown about Myanmar, especially its demography.

Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey 2012, Adult Data Sheet

August 2014: Datasheet The 2012 Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS) was a nationally representative population-based survey of adults and adolescents ages 15 to 64 and children ages 18 months to 14 years.


Faith and Families for a Healthier Kenya

"Faith and Families for a Healthier Kenya" is an ENGAGE multimedia presentation that portrays why family planning is consistent with religious values.


Migration and the Environment

In this webinar, Jason Bremner and Lori M. Hunter discussed the relationship between migration and the environment and highlighted innovative research taking place at population research centers.

Zero Tolerance to FGM/C: A Day for Reflection

February 2014: Article Feb. 6 is the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C).


The Global Challenge of Managing Migration

In this webinar, Philip Martin, author of the PRB Population Bulletin "The Global Challenge of Managing Migration," discussed global trends in migration.


Global Family Planning Goals and Measurement: Where Are We Now?

Scott Radloff and Emily Sonneveldt describe how data from mobile technology is being used to measure progress in meeting global family planning goals.


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