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Why PHE? Linking Conservation and Reproductive Health in Tanzania Webinar

What are Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) programs and why should reproductive health and conservation organizations use a PHE approach? This webinar featured partners that have linked environmental conservation and reproductive health—in the Tuungane Project.

Suicide Replaces Homicide as Second Leading Cause of Death Among US Teenagers

June 2016: Article Suicides have become the second-leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States, surpassing homicide deaths, which dropped to third on the list.

Toll of Recent Recession Still Evident in Appalachia, PRB Report Shows

June 2016: Report The Appalachian Region: A Data Overview From the 2010-2014 American Community Survey, prepared by PRB for the Appalachian Regional Commission compares newly released American Community Survey data for 2010-2014 to 2005-2009 to show trends in income, employment, and other indicators at the regional, subregional, and county levels.

2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book Released: How Are Children Faring?

June 2016: Article The KIDS COUNT Data Book—now in its 27th year—provides an up-to-date and detailed picture of how children are faring in the United States, nationally and in each state.

New PRB Appalachia Report Examines Jobs, Degrees, and Other Trends

April 2015: Report Appalachia's residents in their prime working years are less likely to be in the labor force or to hold college degrees than the U.S. population as a whole, but these and other demographic, health, and socioeconomic patterns vary widely within the region.

Investing in Women and Girls for a Gender Dividend

June 2016: Article As countries around the world embark on a drive to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030, the concept of a demographic dividend is attracting increased attention among policymakers seeking more sustainable economies.


Hope LVB Infographic

The PRB ENGAGE presentation, "HoPE-LVB," aims to improve individuals' understanding of HoPE-LVB (Health of People and the Environment in the Lake Victoria Basin) and the population, health, and environment (PHE) approach.

International Media

July 2013: Article Women's Edition brings together senior-level women editors, reporters, and producers from influential media organizations in developing countries to examine and report on pressing issues affecting women's health and status.


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