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Appalachia's Residents Older, More Disabled

April 2014: Report This report describes the population of Appalachia on several dimensions including housing, education, employment, income/poverty, health insurance coverage, disability status, and veteran status.

Appalachian Region Hit Hard by Recent U.S. Recession

April 2014: Report Given the history of economic difficulties in the Appalachian Region, the Appalachian Regional Commission commissioned the Population Reference Bureau to analyze the effects of the recent recession on household wealth and economic well-being in the region.

Deciphering the Demography of Myanmar

August 2014: Article Due to decades of seclusion that only ended in 2011, much remains unknown about Myanmar, especially its demography.

Communicating Research to Policymakers: Researchers' Experiences

August 2014: Report This PopPov research brief addresses challenges and highlights the experiences of four research teams who communicated findings from studies supported under the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Population and Poverty Research Initiative.


Family Planning: The Changing Path of Unmet Need

PRB's ENGAGE Presentation, "Family Planning: The Changing Path of Unmet Need," aims to improve understanding of why women who say that they want to postpone their next birth, or not have any more children, are not using any form of contraception.

Unmet Need for Family Planning: What Can We Learn From the DHS 5-Year Contraceptive Calendar Data?

June 2014: Report A recent analysis by the Population Reference Bureau suggests that over the course of their reproductive lives, many more women likely experience unmet need than previously recognized, and a substantial number also experience multiple episodes.


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