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Health Journalists Network in Uganda Wins Global Media Award

December 2014: Article The Health Journalists Network in Uganda has won this year's top Global Media Award with its special edition of Health Digest on reproductive health policy.

2014 World Population Data Sheet

The 2014 World Population Data Sheet offers up-to-date demographic, health, and environment data on 16…

World Population Digital Visualization 2014

Explore current and projected population by region and country. And look at changes in total…

2014 Population Clock

This population clock reflects data from PRB's 2014 World Population Data Sheet.

World Population Updates

Use these PRB publications, graphics, and video to learn more about how demographers analyze data…

The Decline in U.S. Fertility

The U.S. total fertility rate stood at 1.9 births per woman in 2013, down from…

2014 World Population Interactive Map

View data on global, regional, or country maps or tables using PRB's 2014 interactive world…


World Population by the Billion

World population is around 7 billion. How long did it take for the world to add each billion?


Kenya's Key: Investing in Young People

The PRB ENGAGE presentation "Kenya's Key: Investing in Young People" aims to reposition reproductive health for young people as a priority for improving health and well-being.


Kenya Leading the Way

"Kenya Leading the Way" is a PRB ENGAGE multimedia presentation that examines the important link between family planning and development in Kenya.

World Population Updates

December 2014: Datasheet Use these PRB publications, graphics, and video to learn more about how demographers analyze data on fertility, mortality, and migration to create population projections, and how assumptions can produce different results over time.

Recent Surveys Fill in Gaps in Our Knowledge of Fertility

December 2014: Article DHS and MICS surveys continue to fills large gaps in our knowledge of what is happening in those developing countries where systems for annual registration of births are simply not available.

Florida Poised to Pass New York as Nation's 3rd Most-Populous State

December 2014: Article Florida may soon pass New York as the third most-populous state in the United States.

Suicide #1 Cause of Death Globally Among Older Adolescent Girls

December 2014: Article For the first time ever, according to the World Health Organization, suicide is the #1 cause of death for adolescent girls ages 15 to 19.

Parents' Imprisonment Linked to Children's Health, Behavioral Problems

December 2014: Article U.S. children of incarcerated parents are an extremely vulnerable group.


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