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Harnessing the Demographic Dividend in Ethiopia

August 2017: Article Ethiopia, with a current population of about 100 million, has achieved gains in several major health indicators that place it in a favorable position to benefit from a demographic dividend in the future.

PRB Training Teaches Journalists About the Demographic Dividend

December 2015: Article The Population Reference Bureau, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Union for African Population Studies brought together journalists and communications professionals from across sub-Saharan Africa for a day-long workshop Nov. 29 on the demographic dividend ahead of the 7th African Population Conference in Pretoria, South Africa.


Population Health and Environment Youth Demographic Dividend

For years, researchers, economists, demographers and other development experts have been explaining and promoting the phenomenon known as the demographic dividend, the rapid economic growth that can accompany a change in a country’s age structure due to reduced birth and death rates. More recently, advocates have been emphasizing the importance of investing in young people with youth-friendly reproductive health policies and services, education, and other key investments that can contribute to shifts in age structure.


Distilled Demographics: The Demographic Dividend

Jay Gribble, PRB's vice president of International Programs, gives an overview of a demographic dividend: what it is and what it takes to achieve it.

Ethiopia Potential to Reap a Demographic Dividend

August 2017: Article Declining mortality and fertility rates are transitioning Ethiopia toward an age structure that has the potential to provide significant economic benefit.

Africa and the Demographic Dividend

April 2013: Report Prepared for CoM 2013, "Industrialization for an Emerging Africa," these five factsheets describe the demographic dividend and the opportunities that this dividend presents for Africa.


Demographic Dividend PowerPoint Slide Deck

PRB’s newest resource on the demographic dividend is a deck of sample PowerPoint slides that provides a compelling overview of this complex topic through graphics, photos, text, and tables from PRB publications and multimedia products.

Fact Sheet: Attaining the Demographic Dividend

November 2012: Article Many countries in Asia and Latin America have experienced impressive economic growth over the last two decades, and these gains are due in part to demographic changes that have facilitated growth—the "demographic dividend."

How to Communicate With Policymakers on the Demographic Dividend

March 2017: Event The workshop will introduce the demographic dividend and teach participants about evidence-based policy communication. Participants will learn how to define policy goals, identify target audiences, and craft communication objectives. Participants will ultimately be able to translate how investments in young people’s health, education, and job growth are critical to Kenya achieving a demographic dividend.

Ethiopia Makes Progress Toward a Demographic Dividend

December 2015: Article Over the last two decades, Ethiopia has experienced an impressive decline in fertility, enjoyed strong economic growth, and made great strides in poverty reduction.


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