PRB Topic Feed: Aging/Topics/Aging.aspxHow U.S. Older Adults Provide Care for Their Aging Parents, Adult Children, and FriendsAs part of PRB's 2010-2011 Policy Seminar series, Suzanne Bianchi, a University of California Los Angeles sociology professor, examined new research on caregiving in later life. The study explored whether retirement and marital status made a difference in how men and women helped others. The findings shed light on the costs of caregiving and the quality of life of older people. 05/19/2011/Multimedia/Video/2011/us-aging-family-care-policy-seminar.aspx0bf5eef1-5104-4eec-9772-ceecd3e1f086Research on the Positivity Effect in AgingWith Laura Carstensen, professor of public policy and psychology at Stanford University.04/22/2013/Multimedia/Audio/2013/carstensen-positivityeffect.aspx0a8d6ac9-1ec6-440e-ab7d-a0aa8d668eeeFamily Care for an Aging PopulationPRB and the Hopkins Population Center sponsored the 4th Annual Symposium on Policy and Health: "Family Care for an Aging Population: Demographic Contexts and Policy Challenges." 07/11/2010/Multimedia/Video/2010/healthcareandaging.aspx06267440-3c64-48c2-922e-749fa2eac717Recent Trends in U.S. Mortality and Population AgingWith Ron Lee, professor of demography and economics at the UC Berkeley. 09/17/2008/Multimedia/Audio/2008/mortalityandaging.aspx041f82af-c288-43eb-9625-91d636798dd4