PRB Topic Feed: Education/Topics/Education.aspxThe Upskilling of Appalachia: Earnings and the Improvement of Skill Levels, 1960 to 2000This report examines the convergence between Appalachia's economic fortunes and those in the rest of the United States since 1960, particularly among men and women of prime working age. It also examines the effect of social and demographic factors have had on this convergence. 09/28/2007/Publications/Reports/2007/UpskillingAppalachia.aspx520f232b-2b88-43b1-bbfb-9b4fb1ff2746Is Education the Best Contraceptive?The United Nations, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the Population Council, and others have examined the links between education and childbearing to provide a greater understanding of these issues. This policy brief highlights key findings from their investigations. 08/02/2000/Publications/Reports/2000/IsEducationtheBestContraceptive.aspx46462a68-338f-44b5-bc70-f8f5cd7a56abGirls' Secondary Education Is a Pathway to Improved HealthThis PRB ENGAGE Snapshot summarizes how secondary education affects some key health and family outcomes, particularly highlighting increases in the use of family planning.02/06/2013/Multimedia/Video/2013/girls-ed-health-engage-short.aspx415964b2-e3bf-4dc9-a25c-e2e877b3ede0Higher Education and Employment in the Current U.S. EconomyAnthony P. Carnevale discusses structural changes to the U.S. economy, the cost of college for the middle class, and the demographics of higher education disparities. 04/13/2011/Multimedia/Video/2011/us-education-workforce.aspx37c2fdee-2e9a-4866-b17a-95a47417174fEducational Differences in Adult Mortality in the United StatesRobert Hummer outlines trends and differences in mortality as part of PRB's Policy Seminar series.04/13/2011/Multimedia/Video/2011/us-education-mortality-policy-seminar.aspx2134e88c-3d54-4c48-89a0-a427eea3523fCohorts and Socioeconomic ProgressDowell Myers examines progress in achieving the American Dream—education, employment, and homeownership—for successive generations, including new waves of immigrants, and provides a clear picture of actual socioeconomic progress in America. The following excerpt is from a report published by the Russell Sage Foundation and PRB. 12/01/2004/Publications/Reports/2004/CohortsandSocioeconomicProgress.aspx1a75902d-1ccc-42ce-a663-1b8cbc104b04Empowering Women, Developing Society: Female Education in the Middle East and North AfricaWhile access to education for females has improved dramatically over the past few decades in the Middle East, many are still excluded. Education helps women prepare for the labor force and helps them understand their legal and reproductive rights. This policy brief is also available in Arabic. 11/20/2003/Publications/Reports/2003/EmpoweringWomenDevelopingSocietyFemaleEducationintheMiddleEastandNorthAfrica.aspx12f73da9-5adc-47ba-a24a-a25aae2cac7eWeb Forum: Education in the United StatesThe wide-ranging economic and social effects of the current recession and the potential for renewed legislative debate makes it an appropriate time to examine the state of immigration in the United States.07/05/2013/CPIPR/Web-Forum/Education-in-the-United-States.aspx02ce0e3d-f5ed-494c-ad3f-932a511442b9Education01/01/0001/Topics/Education.aspx9cb91941-04da-4ada-af69-5314e5631da3