PRB Topic Feed: Environment/Topics/Environment.aspxPopulation, Health, and Environment Issues in the Philippines: A Profile of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)This regional profile highlights key population, health, and environment indicators and important development challenges for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), in the Philippines.10/22/2008/Publications/Reports/2008/armm.aspx543b9901-16d9-44b5-aa9c-628f67cd20ddThe Fred H. Bixby Forum:The World in 2050 (Day 2 Presentions)The Fred H. Bixby Forum, "The World in 2050: A Scientific Investigation of the Impact of Global Population Changes on a Divided Planet," focused on the impact of population growth and population decline on many global factors.02/17/2009/Multimedia/Video/2009/worldin2050-day2.aspx4fd24f51-b02e-414b-85a5-dc7663eadc89Population and Food Security: Africa's ChallengePRB Population, Health, and Environment program director Jason Bremner looks at how Africa's population growth will affect food security. 03/09/2012/Multimedia/Video/2012/population-food-security.aspx49ae6cf9-008e-4107-9fa7-649ddbcad24dMigration and the EnvironmentIn this webinar, Jason Bremner and Lori M. Hunter discussed the relationship between migration and the environment and highlighted innovative research taking place at population research centers.09/08/2014/Multimedia/Video/2014/migration-environment-webinar.aspx47006c69-c06a-4b7c-80df-3946cc369430Children's Environmental Health: Risks and Remedies Due to their size, physiology, and behavior, children are more vulnerable than adults to environmental hazards. Children worldwide require special protection from longstanding risks—such as smoke from traditional fuels—as well as from emerging risks such as exposure to an increasing number of hazardous chemicals. 07/29/2002/Publications/Reports/2002/ChildrensEnvironmentalHealthRisksandRemedies.aspx445646e5-f5b2-4107-8a55-0c3938c3b329A Practical Guide to Population and DevelopmentThis PRB guide is structured as a series of critical questions about the links between population, fertility, development, economics, health, and the environment. 07/09/2014/Publications/Reports/2014/population-development-guide.aspx1140dbdd-eaf9-4d51-a27d-75f52832e8252006 World Population Data SheetPRB's 2006 World Population Data Sheet contains the latest population estimates, projections, and other key indicators for more than 200 countries, including data on net migration rates, percent of surface area protected, and population with access to improved sanitation.08/01/2006/Publications/Datasheets/2006/2006WorldPopulationDataSheet.aspx10ed1cfa-ff8c-4e53-8fb7-786a47300d04Environment01/01/0001/Topics/Environment.aspx9c5d539d-885b-493d-b410-16f814f43b59