PRB Topic Feed: Gender/Topics/Gender.aspxWhat Explains the Disparities Between Men's and Women's Health?A new fact sheet from the Disease Control Priorites Project explains that just because women live longer than men, they do not necessarily have better health.11/18/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/dcpfactsheetgender.aspxfc4e8759-6af7-4675-9de0-878ce3bfaf1aThe Crucial Role of Health Services in Responding to Gender-Based ViolenceThe Crucial Role of Health Services in Responding to Gender-Based Violence examines why health services should address gender-based violence and highlights examples of health programs that have incorporated responses to violence into their work. 09/01/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/genderbasedviolencehs.aspxf04cdfca-afe9-46c0-8852-5fc87c72a2d4Commemorating International Women's Day, 2012For over a century, International Women's Day (IWD) has been celebrated on March 8. On this day, thousands of events are held worldwide to celebrate women and their achievements.03/09/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/international-womens-day-2012.aspxaa6370e9-3fac-4008-9008-303efba67471Older Women: Living Longer, Living AloneThree-quarters of older American men live in a family setting, while only half of older American women do.11/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/OlderWomenLivingLongerLivingAlone.aspx9df7c6b6-4681-4681-a468-d396ca3e4f29The Size and Shape of America's GovernmentData from the Census show that men accounted for a greater share of the total civilian work force (54 percent), but women accounted for more than half of the employees in the public sector (55 percent). 05/01/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/TheSizeandShapeofAmericasGovernment.aspx83e1b71f-9a1b-4cd2-bfb4-bf41a2329f8aThe Gender Gap in U.S. MortalityMortality rates in the U.S. improved for both women and men in the second half of the 20th century. But these rates improved more rapidly for women than for men, so that until recently, the gender gap in life expectancy increased.12/01/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/TheGenderGapinUSMortality.aspx6a648059-0e7b-4a7b-8f98-7bc2d414f27216 Days of Activism Against Gender ViolenceThe 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that symbolically links violence against women and human rights, and emphasizes that such violence is a human rights violation. 11/26/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/16days-gbv-2012.aspx69c7dc59-7ac6-4eca-a3e2-870151b0d17bMoving Research to Action: Helping to End Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Ending female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in one generation is an ambitious goal, but that is exactly what the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) and other partners aim to do. 04/04/2016/Publications/Articles/2016/fgmc-research-blog.aspx5505d2fd-84e0-4585-9f6b-d8b92e28ad39Early Marriage Trends Early marriage (before age 18) undermines the rights and livelihood opportunities of adolescent girls by leaving them vulnerable to the health risks of early pregnancy and childbearing, and prematurely ending their schooling. 11/20/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/early-marriage-trends.aspx5234411d-2c35-4b81-929d-fc5c4a69b8b4Two PRB-Trained Journalists Win Scholarships to Attend 'Women Deliver' Conference 04/09/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/women-deliver-winners.aspxf99fb78f-5f10-4182-bb60-d681c4c32d11