PRB Topic Feed: Gender/Topics/Gender.aspxWorld Health Day 2003: A Focus on Children's Environmental HealthThis year's World Health Day (April 7) was dedicated to ensuring healthy environments for children by increasing awareness of environmental risks to children's health, building on existing interventions, and adapting concrete actions to local needs.04/07/2003/Publications/Articles/2003/WorldHealthDay2003AFocusonChildrensEnvironmentalHealth.aspx517b5596-cef3-4b3a-a65d-6000729305a3Domestic Violence in Developing Countries: An Intergenerational CrisisA comparative study using nationally representative information on domestic violence in nine developing countries finds that women whose fathers abused their mothers are twice as likely to suffer domestic abuse themselves.09/14/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/DomesticViolenceinDevelopingCountriesAnIntergenerationalCrisis.aspxfc0b7f8d-fedc-4d30-af43-1cb30050cfcbThe Grandmother Project's New Approach to Ending Female Genital MutilationThe Grandmother Project (GMP) explicitly involves grandmothers as active assets in their communities to promote maternal and child nutrition, early childhood development, and education, and to eradicate female genital mutilation and HIV/AIDS. 02/19/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/grandmotherproject.aspxf7f51167-2332-4eca-a245-504aee29c8baGender and the Environment: Reflections from Central AmericaCristina Espinosa and Lorena Aguilar, from the Social Policy Program of the World Conservation Union, gave a seminar at PRB on "Gender and the Environment: Reflections from Central America." 08/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/GenderandtheEnvironmentReflectionsfromCentralAmerica.aspxf4a9a440-9d5f-4af8-b720-59c9c6062360International Women's Day: 100 YearsMarch 8, 2011, marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. These past 100 years have witnessed much progress, but there remains an unfinished agenda in many regions of the world.03/01/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/international-womens-day.aspxf1970b1a-7ec1-48ea-afd2-e61a968f98d8Environmental Change, Migration, and GenderThe pressures to migrate, destination choices, employment prospects, and implications for social relations back home all vary by gender. But most of the policy, public, and academic dialogue surrounding climate change and migration implications remains gender-neutral. 03/09/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/environment-gender.aspxf152a088-9673-4da0-a78b-86bc8b8f897bRwanda's Success In Improving Maternal Health Rwanda today has been hailed as one of the few countries on a fast track to reducing child and maternal mortality--thus meeting two of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in 2015. 02/24/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/rwanda-maternal-health.aspxf07495ec-e326-4186-bd5b-adf1eea4bd16For Women in the U.S., Obesity Links to Socioeconomic Status and Poor DietObesity rates have increased dramatically across socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups in the United States, putting families' health at risk and raising health care costs. There is a strong correlation between lower income levels and higher obesity rates in the United States, especially for women.04/21/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/usobesity.aspxecd80bbd-8dae-4505-93bc-ec5ac4bbe613Gender Statistics Needed to Assess Progress Toward Development GoalsBecause of their importance to advancing the status of women, the development of gender statistics was identified as a high priority in the 1995 Beijing Platform of Action. However, 16 years later, an internationally agreed-upon set of gender indicators has yet to be defined.04/22/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/gender-statistics.aspxebf2c960-62f3-455e-8642-48846954f414Women and Girls at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in the United StatesAlthough FGM/C is most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, global migration patterns have increased the risk of FGM/C among women and girls living in developed countries, including the United States, according to PRB analysis published February 2015.02/05/2016/Publications/Articles/2015/us-fgmc.aspxe9df48ea-7c1e-4083-8b46-5817eabb2d63