PRB Topic Feed: HIV/ AIDS/ STIs/Topics/HivAidsStis.aspxCommunity Theater and Peer Education Help Tanzanians Discuss HIV and Gender-Based ViolenceThe Tuelimishane project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, uses community-based theater and peer education to heighten awareness of HIV and gender-based violence and change behaviors. 09/18/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/CommunityTheaterAndPeerEducation.aspx25acb424-3f8f-4da5-9197-a4a6d7d1b6cbHas the AIDS Epidemic Peaked?John Bongaarts, vice president and distinguished scholar of the Population Council, discussed recent AIDS data, the reasons for the decline in new infections, and policy implications at PRB's Policy Seminar on Jan. 20, 2010.02/19/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/aidspolicyseminar.aspx137022b4-a067-4378-8dbe-a07726ab225aAIDS Treatment Center in Mali a Model in West AfricaThe dozens of people who spend their days at the Center for Treatment, Activities and Counseling for People living with HIV/AIDS receive comprehensive medical care.02/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/AIDSTreatmentCenterinMaliaModelinWestAfrica.aspxfdccb2d4-8820-4b0b-88f2-7ecb6d4090deObstacles Remain to Wide Adoption of Female CondomThis article discusses the obstacles to the widespread use of the female condom as well the latest steps to increase access to the method.11/01/2005/Publications/Articles/2005/ObstaclesRemaintoWideAdoptionofFemaleCondom.aspxf1cca980-ba89-4fb5-a852-6d65899cb7afYoung Women in Sub-Saharan Africa Face a High Risk of HIV InfectionNew UNAIDS estimates indicate that young African women have twice the HIV rate of their male counterparts and are infected up to 10 years earlier. 02/14/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/YoungWomeninSubSaharanAfricaFaceaHighRiskofHIVInfection.aspxf1753c03-755b-43d1-95c4-fae9eb31c516Women, War, and HIV/AIDSIn the following interview with PRB, Judy A. Benjamin, senior technical adviser at the New York-based Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, describes ways in which women and girls are at particular risk of HIV in situations of conflict.10/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/WomenWarandHIVAIDS.aspxedcd5565-cb49-4017-b04d-a8e4fe5ea974Brazil's Needle-Exchange Programs Reduce HIV Risks for Drug UsersHIV transmission rates among drug users have fallen by 7.6 percent in 1997 and 18 percent in 1998. A needle-exchange program, partly funded by the government, takes partial credit for the decline.06/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/BrazilsNeedleExchangeProgramsReduceHIVRisksforDrugUsers.aspxe9ae5dd6-c780-4a64-a6ab-62644038dedbAfrica Adopts Collective Thrust Against AIDSThe continent's political leaders are set to adopt the African Consensus and Plan of Action against AIDS at an Organization of African Unity special summit on AIDS in April 2001.01/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/AfricaAdoptsCollectiveThrustAgainstAIDS.aspxe4b681c8-a9a5-44a6-9b90-f6052470a646Spread of HIV Is Slowing in CambodiaCambodia's multifaceted approach, including a 100 percent condom use program and steps to counter stigma and reduce people's vulnerability, has increased HIV/AIDS knowledge and protective behaviors, resulting in decreased infection rates. 03/01/2003/Publications/Articles/2003/SpreadofHIVIsSlowinginCambodia.aspxe3b295c7-b178-400d-b15c-79e18ad20ca5Universal Education Seen as Crucial in AIDS FightWith HIV/AIDS hindering the ability of schools in some countries to deliver education services, new initiatives are afoot to rescue and turn schools into powerful weapons against an epidemic that killed 3 million people in 2001 and saw 5 million people newly infected with the AIDS-causing virus. 07/02/2002/Publications/Articles/2002/UniversalEducationSeenasCrucialinAIDSFight.aspxe0ac52a7-e445-42d9-a5fb-689b697e904e