PRB Topic Feed: Immigration/ Migration/Topics/ImmigrationMigration.aspxEffects of Migration on the Elderly Population in the District of ColumbiaBy 2030, the population of the Washington, DC metropolitan area will increase by more than 2 million, and the population age 65 and older will double. This study examines the impact of migration on characteristics of the population age 50 and older in 2000.  11/30/2007/Publications/Reports/2007/elderlymigration.aspx25ef2a7a-c1a2-47c4-82e0-98be5ac65c97Cohorts and Socioeconomic ProgressDowell Myers examines progress in achieving the American Dream—education, employment, and homeownership—for successive generations, including new waves of immigrants, and provides a clear picture of actual socioeconomic progress in America. The following excerpt is from a report published by the Russell Sage Foundation and PRB. 12/01/2004/Publications/Reports/2004/CohortsandSocioeconomicProgress.aspx1a75902d-1ccc-42ce-a663-1b8cbc104b04Social and Economic Impacts of U.S. ImmigrationBill Butz talks with Charles Hirschman about immigration and economics, cultural assimilation and community building, and the role of immigrants in the creation of American identity. 06/22/2010/Multimedia/Video/2010/usimmigration.aspx162032eb-1be3-4697-972a-ffe8856f351bNet Migration Patterns as a Tool to Understand Community Change10/03/2013/Events/2013/net-migration-patterns.aspx14bbf67f-afe8-4fcf-a137-ff90c9c8e52cFinding and Using the Best Immigration Data ResourcesThe Migration Policy Institute and Population Reference Bureau held a seminar on how to find and use the most accurate and accessible data on immigration.10/27/2008/Multimedia/Video/2008/migrationseminar.aspx0f10274d-49e9-4ccc-81f1-41493cfe4344The Global Challenge of Managing Migration01/14/2014/Events/2014/global-migration-webinar.aspx04804f1b-1568-4e62-8d6a-5b844943bc89The Rural ReboundAfter many decades of rural population loss, this demographic trend is reversing itself. More people are moving from urban to rural areas and fewer rural people are leaving. This issue of PRB Reports on America explains the complex set of economic, social, and geographic forces that are creating this 1990s rebound. 09/01/1999/Publications/Reports/1999/TheRuralRebound.aspx036d4810-3eeb-4118-b69f-838cf34c94bbImmigration/ Migration01/01/0001/Topics/ImmigrationMigration.aspx0055e1ed-df23-4c2b-8643-6a962331135f