PRB Topic Feed: Labor Force/Topics/LaborForce.aspxU.S. Baby Boomers Likely to Delay RetirementA growing share of Americans are working beyond their 65th birthdays, a reversal that began about 25 years ago.09/23/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/us-babyboomers-retirement.aspxa616e073-2164-4225-b2a0-015a107da63eReducing Youth Unemployment in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe youth population in sub-Saharan Africa is increasing rapidly. By 2050, that age group is projected to nearly double to about 561 million, according to PRB's The World's Youth 2013 Data Sheet. The youth of the region are also becoming better educated.04/01/2013/Publications/Articles/2013/youth-unemployment-africa.aspxa38039c9-bb2b-4064-808b-5b8f9a2df7adU.S. Employment Instability on the MarginsWhile the impact of the weakening economy is widespread, it disproportionately affects those on the margins of the labor force, such as persons of color, teenagers, and those with low levels of education.12/02/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/employmentinstability.aspxa2bcf9f6-b379-49df-bcf1-a2f1befd38f8Poor Sleep Has Social Causes and ConsequencesPoor sleep is often considered an individual problem, but it's also a public health issue.04/14/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/sleep.aspx90af75a9-f809-4271-9370-5f4a730c73c4Most U.S. Workers Still Driving AloneIn 2007, the share of people driving alone to work (76 percent) was unchanged from 2000, when gas cost around $1.50 per gallon. And for some minority groups, the share of drivers has increased over the decade. 09/23/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/commuting.aspx90318d0d-2530-4b72-b31e-a97541f8a54bImmigrants Work in Riskier and More Dangerous Jobs in the United StatesA new study finds that immigrants are more likely to work in risky jobs than U.S.-born workers.10/30/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/usimmigrantsriskyjobs.aspx89da53f5-f056-417d-8218-790505f9ba41Youth Unemployment and Underemployment in Africa Brings Uncertainty and Opportunity Youth unemployment and underemployment is increasingly recognized as a potential trigger for social instability. Africa in particular faces demographic challenges as its population of young people ages 15 to 24 increases and access to secure jobs continues to be problematic.02/11/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/youthunemployment.aspx874e4c3d-45a7-4584-82c2-0bc98f111891The Graying of FarmersAs family farms dwindle and young people seek alternative livelihoods, farmers are aging. Read about the effects of aging farmers on the globalization of agriculture and on global food security.06/01/2000/Publications/Articles/2000/TheGrayingofFarmers.aspx85b2c2dc-6ed1-4c75-a5b6-64a7d5652a58Nearly 1 in 3 Working Families in U.S. Struggle to Meet Basic NeedsThe slow recovery from the recession has fallen hard on America's working poor families, increasing their numbers by 125,000 in 2010 to more than 10 million families, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.01/09/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/US-working-families.aspx834caeab-a3d0-450b-95bf-56e70524fc8fWorking Mothers With College Degrees See Gains in Paid Maternity LeaveWorking mothers with a bachelor's degree have gained increasing access to paid leave in recent decades, while women without high school degrees have seen no change, reported Nancy Folbre, a University of Massachusetts economist.02/01/2012/Publications/Articles/2012/working-mothers-paid-leave.aspx78aa6601-f31e-4519-b5c9-6f021ef331c8