PRB Topic Feed: Marriage/ Family/Topics/MarriageFamily.aspxJapan's Demographic FutureThe most recent population projections for Japan provide a clear picture of the country's demographic future. By 2055, if projections prove true, 41 percent of the population will be 65 or older; total population would be around 90 million, down from 127 million today.05/13/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/japandemography.aspx8521b462-8f20-4161-9fd6-a0e150c8db39Many Unwed Low-Income Parents in U.S. Need Both Relationship Skills and Employment ProgramsDecreasing the risk of poverty and health, educational, and behavioral problems among children born to unwed low-income parents will require programs that address those parent's skills and needs. 03/01/2005/Publications/Articles/2005/ManyUnwedLowIncomeParentsinUSNeedBothRelationshipSkillsandEmploymentPrograms.aspx7a7bfffe-6862-489c-b7c5-94f39b17f844What the American Community Survey Tells Us About Marriage and the FamilyThe American Community Survey (ACS)—a relatively new Census Bureau monthly survey that provides communities reliable and timely demographic, housing, social, and economic data—can provide information about the wide variation in family structure in different parts of the United States. 04/01/2006/Publications/Articles/2006/WhattheAmericanCommunitySurveyTellsUsAboutMarriageandtheFamily.aspx705ed1ef-d865-4b57-b196-e76fd412529dWhat Children Learn From DivorceChildren of divorce face a higher risk of seeing their own marriages end in divorce. New analysis of the roles of conflict and commitment helps explain why.01/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/WhatChildrenLearnFromDivorce.aspx7028f9ec-9c42-44ea-8538-dda04c241246American Grandparent Responsibilities on the RiseDemographers have a new phrase for the most dramatic examples of this child care trend, the skipped-generation household, where a grandparent and grandchild reside with no parent present.04/23/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/AmericanGrandparentResponsibilitiesontheRise.aspx5c1b497e-23b8-4dc0-a25c-659a840a737cDomestic Violence High in Egypt, Affecting Women's Reproductive HealthViolence against women is a costly and pervasive public health problem and a violation of human rights. In Egypt, a third of women are physically abused by their husbands, according to the 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey. 05/07/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/domesticviolence-egypt.aspx50285366-20c4-43cd-8bfa-c34e5f4fb2c1Unmarried Baby Boomers Face Disadvantages as They Grow OlderThe U.S. baby-boom generation is the largest generation in American history. And given that 33 percent of these baby boomers are single, they may face disadvantages because they aren't married.03/06/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/baby-boomers-and-disability.aspx3bf7df45-4910-442f-947f-8aec5354d604U.S. Women Delay Marriage and Children for College While women may delay marriage and children to pursue a degree, women with at least a bachelor's degree are actually more likely to get married than women with less education and are more likely to wait until marriage to start a family.01/11/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/usmarriageandchildbirth.aspx3aafe272-5c99-4560-9944-cebffd012fc6Family, Friends Help Shape Childbearing ChoicesContact with family, friends, and acquaintances influences when couples become first-time parents and their ideal family size. 05/23/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/childbearing-choices.aspx2c602e4b-d583-43c1-b373-c9175c4add0eBirths Outside Marriage Now Common in Many Countries in EuropeThe link between formal marriage and childbearing has greatly weakened worldwide. The sharp rise in births outside of marriage in most developed countries is a recent social phenomenon.11/04/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/birthsoutsidemarriage.aspx2997f863-235c-4d19-87c3-788048668ab0