PRB Topic Feed: Noncommunicable Diseases/Topics/NoncommunicableDiseases.aspxAttaining Global Health: Challenges and OpportunitiesThis Population Bulletin looks at trends in health over the past century and identifies the ways that we can pursue the goal of better global health. The authors explore the multiple factors that determine health and stress the need for action from the individual to the international level to improve health. 03/01/2000/Publications/Reports/2000/AttainingGlobalHealthChallengesandOpportunitiesPDF344KB.aspxaef3243e-72fc-4065-94a4-d68deacd07a9Noncommunicable Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: Youth Are Key to PreventionThis PRB data sheet, created as part of PRB's IDEA project (funded by USAID), and in partnership with PAHO, provides a wealth of data for selected countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that document the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases, especially among the region's youth. 06/23/2013/Publications/Datasheets/2013/noncommunicable-diseases-latinamerica-youth-datasheet.aspx960d47c4-a10f-4bab-841e-74cf9d010728Confronting Chronic Diseases: Are We Prepared?04/30/2007/Events/2007/chronic-diseases.aspx90175c3d-a007-4184-a90a-1a3226ffad44New Materials on Noncommunicable Diseases in Africa 03/31/2015/Events/2015/ncds-africa-youth-launch.aspx7ff5085a-6522-4ccc-b25c-528fb74f2907Noncommunicable Diseases and Youth With Wendy Baldwin, president and CEO of PRB.08/12/2011/Multimedia/Audio/2011/noncommunicable-diseases-youth.aspx7833eb23-e5b9-4840-a2e8-fd7e2cbfa379Confronting Chronic Diseases: Are We Prepared?A panel of experts discussed recent research findings in chronic diseases and public health strategies and approaches. 04/30/2007/Multimedia/Video/2007/ChronicDiseases.aspx662b5a33-3190-41cf-b7f7-5991a13d21c4Population and Health: An Introduction to EpidemiologyThis Population Bulletin explains the terms, methods, and materials scientists use to study the health of populations, as well as the historical underpinnings of the modern-day science of epidemiology. Epidemiology provides a unique way of viewing and investigating disease and injury. 12/01/1999/Publications/Reports/1999/PopulationandHealthAnIntroductiontoEpidemiologyPDF261KB.aspx548a58a4-ae22-4d44-910a-f851bffd6144Noncommunicable Diseases and Youth: A Critical Window of Opportunity for Latin America/CaribbeanThe four major NCDs—cardiovascular disease, most cancers, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases—will account for approximately 81 percent of deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by 2030 and 89 percent of all deaths in high-income countries. Adolescents and youth are a tremendous resource that are overlooked in the fight against NCDs, yet they are a natural partner for preventing NCDs.06/22/2013/Publications/Reports/2013/noncommunicable-diseases-latinamerica-youth-policybrief.aspx35469f56-3650-4c31-aeb6-14b738dfca8dNoncommunicable Diseases01/01/0001/Topics/NoncommunicableDiseases.aspx085b0f44-6a5a-40c8-a7b5-3ae2c8bd90f8