PRB Topic Feed: Population Dynamics/Topics/PopulationDynamics.aspxEthiopia Makes Progress Toward a Demographic DividendOver the last two decades, Ethiopia has experienced an impressive decline in fertility, enjoyed strong economic growth, and made great strides in poverty reduction.12/16/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/blog-ethiopia-demographic-dividend.aspxd9d2485b-3e4e-4abe-b942-ca882ec50db7U.S. Energy Boom Fuels Population Growth in Many Rural CountiesA population boom in energy-rich counties is breathing new life into parts of the Midwest and Appalachia that have experienced long-term population decline or slow growth compared with the rest of the United States, according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.03/28/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/us-oil-rich-counties.aspxfab9887d-e5d0-4763-acd7-37210c42bb91Fertility Declining in the Middle East and North AfricaPopulation growth of the mainly Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa has been slowed by fertility declines in some of the region's largest countries.01/24/2008/Publications/Articles/2008/menafertilitydecline.aspxdd5df64a-67bd-419b-a0b4-3d75ffe85ae2Rural America Undergoing a Diversity of Demographic ChangeGains have been greatest in the fringes of metropolitan areas and in rural areas that are proximate to metropolitan areas. In contrast, gains have been smallest in the heavily populated core counties of large metropolitan areas and in remote and thinly populated rural areas. 05/01/2006/Publications/Articles/2006/RuralAmericaUndergoingaDiversityofDemographicChange.aspx970eec45-92e1-4a8f-996c-61ff264d956dReligious, Ethnic, and Regional Factors of High Fertility in EthiopiaA common perception in Ethiopia is more rapid population growth among the Muslims than among Christians, potentially tipping the balance toward Ethiopia becoming a majority Muslim country soon. But reliable assessments in Ethiopia on the demography of religion are few. 11/23/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/ethiopiamuslimdemographics.aspx70939eb4-04a0-4849-904b-835a159b21dbWhy Do Canadians Outlive Americans?Over 250,000 Americans who died in 1998, roughly one of every 10 U.S. deaths that year, would have survived had they been Canadian, according to a comparison of patterns of death between the two countries.11/01/2004/Publications/Articles/2004/WhyDoCanadiansOutliveAmericans.aspx28f1a4ce-fd83-4606-bb66-18eaefba876eThe Demographic Divide: What It Is and Why It MattersThe vast gulf in birth and death rates among the world’s countries reflects a global division between mostly poor nations with relatively high birth rates and low life expectancies and mostly wealthy nations with low birth rates and life expectancies past age 75.12/01/2005/Publications/Articles/2005/TheDemographicDivideWhatItIsandWhyItMatters.aspx0f5f70c0-04f8-4b99-a5ef-7d45d1c9ee7eDemographic Challenges of the SahelThis article focuses on the demographics of the 10 countries that make up the Sahel region--Burkina Faso, Chad, Eritrea, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Sudan.01/14/2015/Publications/Articles/2015/sahel-demographics.aspx06b76d0c-95fb-44e6-88e3-7ec481421b0bBaby Boomers and Millennials Boost Population in Parts of Rural AmericaTwo demographic groups—young adults ages 20 to 34 and older adults ages 65 and older—are reshaping the population in rural America. Changes in the U.S. economy have attracted young adults to rural areas rich in natural resources away from smaller metropolitan and nearby nonmetropolitan areas. The older adult population, on the other hand, has grown rapidly in areas with strong ties to recreation—areas with robust entertainment industries or natural amenities such as mountains, lakes, and forests—many of which are in less-populated areas. 01/12/2017/Publications/Articles/2017/Baby-Boomers-and-Millennials.aspx25442e9f-b703-4098-8af8-2c3b692de24bPRB Discuss Online: Promoting Public DemographyIn a PRB Discuss Online, Peter Donaldson, author of the PRB Occasional Paper Toward an Engaged Public Demography, discussed what he means by public demography, its importance, and ways a public demography agenda can be implemented.03/02/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/public-demography.aspxfa76939c-c1a3-45a2-8a15-f711345e86af