PRB Topic Feed: Reproductive Health/Topics/ReproductiveHealth.aspxJamaica Reproductive Health Survey 1997: Main FindingsThis PRB summary of the 1997 Jamaica Reproductive Health Survey reports on recent trends in fertility, trends in contraceptive use, fertility intentions, fertility and contraception among teenagers, and contraceptive supplies and services.11/18/1998/Publications/Reports/1998/JamaicaRHSurvey.aspx044b9221-2c1a-4581-90a5-9470b046cbb9Health Economics of Unsafe Induced Abortion in UgandaPopPov researcher Joseph Babigumira of the University of Washington shares research findings on abortions in Uganda, which are a consequence of the high prevalence of unintended pregnancies. 05/18/2012/Multimedia/Video/2012/poppov-abortion-uganda.aspx016fc9f5-aa6b-4ee0-a276-acf318c0b873Meeting Young Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health Needs This policy brief highlights the reproductive and sexual health needs of young women, and reviews policies and programs that policymakers and health providers need to create for these women. 09/05/2000/Publications/Reports/2000/MeetingYoungWomensReproductiveHealthNeeds.aspx003e4642-eb7e-4b60-b128-f0f200e7a593Making Pregnancy and Childbirth SaferNearly 600,000 women around the world die of pregnancy-related causes each year. Ninety-nine percent of these deaths occur in less developed countries. This policy brief reviews the causes and consequences of these deaths, and suggests what can be done to make pregnancy and childbirth safer. 08/02/2000/Publications/Reports/2000/MakingPregnancyandChildbirthSafer.aspxd43b1b0c-e998-4dc8-932c-bc6ca5d77b29Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan AfricaSub-Saharan Africa has experienced impressive economic growth in recent decades, but lags behind other developing regions on many indicators of socioeconomic development. Reproductive health is one area in which many African countries face slow progress. 10/28/2008/Publications/Reports/2008/reproductivehealthafrica.aspx39bb49f0-cd37-4e90-ad52-14bb30031198Reproductive Health01/01/0001/Topics/ReproductiveHealth.aspx6766eef8-59e9-417b-9af4-3958e80f0279