PRB Topic Feed: Reproductive Health/Topics/ReproductiveHealth.aspxDelivering Safer Motherhood Strategies: The Immpact InitiativeTwelve fact sheets, a policy brief, and an interview spell out in greater detail some early achievements and key findings from Immpact, a global research initiative, that will help researchers design more cost-effective safe motherhood strategies. 02/22/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/DeliveringSaferMotherhoodStrategies.aspxfd83c24b-dff4-4dad-9d00-d79572cc2297International Women's Day: 100 YearsMarch 8, 2011, marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. These past 100 years have witnessed much progress, but there remains an unfinished agenda in many regions of the world.03/01/2011/Publications/Articles/2011/international-womens-day.aspxf1970b1a-7ec1-48ea-afd2-e61a968f98d8New Website on Urban Reproductive HealthA new website on urban reproductive health from the Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation Project highlights programs of the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative in sub-Saharan Africa and India that expand access to and quality of family planning services to the urban poor.10/30/2009/Publications/Articles/2009/mle.aspxd3c8cc51-d274-4d64-890b-c8e9683e666fAlbania's Fertility Decline Tied to Traditional Family Planning MethodsThe total fertility rate in Albania is now at 1.6 lifetime births per woman. Remarkably, this fertility decline was achieved by relying on withdrawal and other less effective, traditional family planning methods.11/01/2010/Publications/Articles/2010/albania.aspxcb94f34e-bff9-4124-9afc-189be58ba2a5Egypt Bans Female Genital CuttingThe Egyptian Health Ministry issued a decree on June 28, 2007, that officially banned female circumcision. Although a similar order was already in place to prevent hospitals and medical doctors from carrying out the procedure, it is still widely performed by nonprofessionals in the community. 07/17/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/EgyptBansFGC.aspxc8fa25f0-97f2-46d6-b499-c4ec3076dca9A Fading Abortion Culture in Three Central Asian RepublicsRecent evidence suggests that since the dissolution of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan have experienced a decline in induced abortion. 06/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/AFadingAbortionCultureinThreeCentralAsianRepublics.aspxbd9c869a-13c1-4dfa-979b-adeeaf7e78e6Addressing the Physical and Mental Health of Women and Adolescents Trafficked in EuropeWomen who have been subjected to trafficking and forced into service, including sex work, are more likely to suffer multiple physical and mental health problems than the general female population. But women can show vast improvement after only a month of professional care. 07/17/2007/Publications/Articles/2007/HealthofTraffickedWomen.aspxb5d7b3c5-cdec-46c0-9728-a6702e9e6c26Reproductive Health Conference a First for AsiaMore than 1,200 people from 32 nations gathered in Manila in February for the first Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive Health. The conference marked the first opportunity for Asians to exchange information on solutions to the many reproductive health issues that countries in the region face.04/01/2001/Publications/Articles/2001/ReproductiveHealthConferenceaFirstforAsia.aspxb584d784-50f9-436d-a61a-17237e651c36$5 More Per Person Annually Could Save Millions of Mothers and ChildrenRecent research by a group of health systems experts details how a 2 percent increase in current spending for maternal and child health can save 147 million children, prevent 32 million stillbirths, and avert 5 million maternal deaths by 2035.06/21/2014/Publications/Articles/2014/maternal-child-health-investments.aspxb1e15bb0-118d-490b-9921-9b221e9a64f9New Approaches for Reducing the Impact of Cervical CancerWith hundreds of thousands of the world's women dying of cervical cancer every year, a new report highlights innovative approaches for reducing the impact of this preventable disease, particularly in developing countries. 02/01/2005/Publications/Articles/2005/NewApproachesforReducingtheImpactofCervicalCancer.aspxb076caa1-6343-4e67-8949-c36ad50fbdf3