PRB Topic Feed: U.S. Census and ACS/Topics/US-Census-and-ACS.aspxSocioeconomic Levels Vary Widely in AppalachiaUsing data from the American Community Survey, this report describes the population of Appalachia on several dimensions including race/ethnicity, housing, education, employment, income/poverty, and migration, and includes many charts and maps.04/19/2013/Publications/Reports/2013/appalachia-overview-acs-2011.aspx8a5e99ae-56ce-479e-844f-7316ec55ff7cThe Appalachian Region in 2010: A Census Data OverviewThis report, prepared by PRB for the Appalachian Regional Comission, has a wealth of charts and maps that describe the population of Appalachia.01/04/2012/Publications/Reports/2012/appalachia-2010.aspx89e98aca-c0fa-4f2d-a2a8-c6cb155f3033First Results From the 2010 Census"Reports on America: First Results From the 2010 Census" summarizes key findings from the first wave of data from the 2010 U.S. Census. The report starts by discussing trends in U.S. population growth, followed by the changing racial/ethnic characteristics of the population, and patterns of state and local population growth and decline. 07/12/2011/Publications/Reports/2011/census-2010.aspx6bbce5af-a1cb-430f-81d7-012454e79e3fBetter Data, Better Decisions: How the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey Benefits Business and GovernmentAnnie E. Casey Foundation sponsored two congressional briefings on the importance of the American Community Survey ACS for business and government.03/29/2011/Multimedia/Video/2011/acs-benefits-business-government.aspx36c7b4a9-8865-4bc7-9927-eae4ad0315b9American Indian and Alaska Native Children in the 2000 CensusThis KIDS COUNT/PRB report provides a first look at American Indian children in the 2000 Census. 04/26/2002/Publications/Reports/2002/AmericanIndianandAlaskaNativeChildreninthe2000CensusPDF320KB.aspx1fd127fa-19b5-4062-a90e-1f62a46e3238Tracking Who We Are and Where We Are Going: Using the American Community SurveyThis report uses statistics from the American Community Survey for two Maryland counties outside of Washington, DC—Calvert and Prince George’s—to explain and demonstrate how to use data from the survey. 04/01/2005/Publications/Reports/2005/TrackingWhoWeAreandWhereWeAreGoingAnExampleofUsingtheACS_PDF557KB.aspx0b17c4ea-2c4d-49db-95d8-f57c8f19e4deU.S. Census and ACS01/01/0001/Topics/US-Census-and-ACS.aspx6b1ac3b7-26cc-4b11-8da4-5fb254ffe959