Youth Speak Out on the Demographic Dividend

The demographic dividend refers to an economic boost that can happen when a country’s fertility rate declines and the ratio of working-age adults to dependent-age children rises. Realizing the dividend depends on timely investments in the capacities of youth so they can become productive adults.

PRB helped youth advocates to engage decisionmakers on this important issue through a short video, “Demographic Dividend: Reaching Our Potential as Young People and Nations.” It delivers a compelling message from the perspective of young people about the need to provide them with access to education and health services—including family planning.

This effort was youth-driven; the decision on the medium and the content was led by youth advocates convened by PRB at the International Conference on Family Planning in January 2016, with support from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. “We asked the participants to tell us what their governments should do to ensure that the youth in their countries are headed towards successful and healthy lives. Their answers are in the video,” said PRB’s Stephanie Kimou, who led the project.

The video, supported by the USAID-funded PACE Project, launched in New York during the United Nations General Assembly session in September 2016 through multiple channels, including a TweetChat that engaged young people from Niger, Kenya, Nigeria, and elsewhere. The video also was featured at a General Assembly side event sponsored by Family Planning 2020 to celebrate 120 youth leaders under age 40.

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