Population Reference Bureau is pleased to share its 2016 Annual Report that shows how we inform, empower, and advance evidence-based decisionmaking in a range of social policy areas.

Annual Report 2016

A Message From Elizabeth Schoenecker, Chair of PRB’s Board of Trustees

As chair of the PRB Board of Trustees, it is my pleasure to share with you the 2016 Annual Report. It provides several illustrative examples of PRB’s ongoing contributions in a number of important social policy and programmatic areas. These examples include:

  • Population Bulletin from PRB’s U.S. Programs putting into clear focus the challenge of meeting the needs of America’s aging baby-boom generation.
  • A stunning interactive infographic highlighting current trends and opportunities for including men in family planning programs.
  • A multimedia video created with and for youth advocates seeking to engage decisionmakers on the benefits of generating a demographic dividend through pro-youth policies.
  • In collaboration with the National Council of La Raza, a report and data center focused on assessing the well-being of America’s Latino children.
  • An online toolkit that greatly expands the potential reach of PRB’s well-known Women’s Edition media training program.
  • Training activities in East Africa to help project implementers measure their impact on human and environmental resilience.

PRB president Jeffrey Jordan notes in the Report’s introductory letter that in all sectors, decisionmakers are eager to leverage data and research to help them develop more effective, efficient policies and programs. PRB’s talented team of researchers, policy analysts, and communications experts are uniquely placed to make solid evidence understandable, accessible, and actionable.

PRB is also committed to making all of its products and resources publicly available by disseminating them widely through both print and digital channels, and in innovative formats. That’s why I’d like to ask you to consider a donation to PRB so they can continue to provide high-quality information, knowledge, and capacity strengthening in the United States and globally.

You can donate by mail with the enclosed return envelope, or visit our website at www.prb.org and click on the “Donate” link at the top of the screen. You can also give by phone at 800-877-9881 or 202-483-1100.

An investment in PRB is an investment in a better future for all. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank you for your interest and your support.


Elizabeth Schoenecke