(Oct. 31, 2014) PRB staff and researchers from the Population and Poverty Research Network are participating in the African Union Commission’s program “Delivering on the Potentials of Africa’s Young Women.” The AUC Youth Programme organized this event to promote an increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change and economic growth in all aspects of African society and to contribute and channel youth motivation, energy and idealism towards achievement of sustainable development in the Africa.


Kate Belohlav, Kate Gilles, and Marlene Lee from PRB’s IDEA and PopPov projects collaborated with Prudence Ngwenya Nonkululeko, senior policy officer in the AUC human resources, science, and technology department to incorporate an overview of the demographic dividend into the event. The PRB ENGAGE presentation on the demographic dividend will set the stage for youth working on the development of a roadmap of activities for a year-long celebration (November 2014-November 2015) of Africa’s young women and their potential.


Sandra Mapemba, PRB’s in-country coordinator in Malawi, and Grace Kumchelesi, former recipient of a dissertation fellowship from the Hewlett Foundation Population and Poverty Initiative, are speaking about the demographic dividend and young women’s health and employment. With Kate Belohlav, they will also serve as resources for groups of young people engaging in discussions of education, sexual and reproductive health, and sustainable livelihoods. The following PRB videos will be featured:


Harnessing the Demographic Dividend


Reproductive Health and Poverty Reduction in Rural sub-Saharan Africa