1. The RFP mentions you would like “staging and production servers monitored.” Monitoring staging environments is a rare request. Could you confirm that you do need monitoring on the staging environment?
    Monitor in the strictest sense of the word: is it running and do we know when it isn’t?
  2. 24/7?
    What we are concerned with is that if a PRB website is down  we are notified and steps taken to bring it back online. We do not want to be told by a user that site is down.
  3. The RFP states, “PRB primarily uses WordPress but also HTML, Python, and other platforms on minisites and microsites.”  Could you provide a more detailed breakdown of all of the apps/sites along with the tech stack you currently use?
    We are primarily WordPress running on nginx. We do have a Mongo db that uses node.js and React but we are moving away from that to My SQL and wpDataTables. There is a Python mini CMS microsite that generates PDFs but that is as exotic as it gets.
  4. Are you considering Google Cloud or Azure?
    We are committed to AWS for the immediate future.
  5. “Project management ( Wrike, Slack, Teams)” is requested in the RFP. Please provide additional details.
    We’ve found that on small projects having a dedicated Slack channel has been effective. The Communications team at PRB uses Wrike and Teams. We’re interested in learning how you communicate with yr clients.
  6.  Do you see the need for a code development?
    Yes, there are always aspects of websites that can be improved and we see these as time and material projects if they are estimated to solve for more than 2 hours. 
  7. Would PRB prefer a fixed price contract with a time and materials add-on for possible additional related small projects?  If not, please describe what the price/contract expectations are.
    Our expectation is a fixed price contract for 180 hours per year with a proviso for time and materials for small projects beyond the routine. Routine in our view includes server audit, performance improvements, spinning up a Wordress instance on a subdirectory, minor changes to a theme css, plugin management, improving admin access procedures for developers, better admin access for PRB for all servers ( Plesk or similar), upgrades,and troubleshooting.
  8. Are there any restrictions we should be aware of in your contracts that might apply to us?
    Compliance with GDPR or 508 is PRB’s responsibility but we welcome suggestions for process improvements.
  9. Is there a specific budget that vendors should work within?
    Our budget range begins at 30k per year.
  10. Do you use Mapbox or Google?
    We’ve used both and Highcharts too. We are interested in simplifying what tools we use.   For example if we were to implement a machine translation feature which would you recommend?
  11. Do you have a preferred format for receiving the proposals?  PFD, Word, or could we use a proposal/ contract platform such as Panda Docs?
    Our preference is for PDF.
  12. Is WordPress and the environment current at this time with software and security updates, all WordPress plugins, etc.?
    All sites updated to most recent major version.
  13. Is a firm taking over from a past provider, where any communication or collaboration will take place?
    There is a previous provider and there will be communication with them and transition.
  14. Has the URL of or others, been compromised in the last 12 months?
    No. Not that we are aware of.
  15. When are proposals due?
    due September 23, 2021
  16. Is there a specific date of support to begin, between past vendor and/or new provider?
    We envision vendor transition and overlap in November, 2021.