Request for Proposals: PRB Media Relations Support

PRB is soliciting proposals for media relations support.

PRB is soliciting proposals for media relations support.


Founded in 1929, PRB is a global, not-for-profit organization that uses population data to inform and advance action on the most pressing challenges facing our world. We partner with organizations in the United States and around the world to promote the use of good data and provide support for evidence-based solutions on such issues as aging, children and youth, family planning and maternal and reproductive health, gender, population trends, and race and ethnicity. PRB has more than 65 staff in Kenya, Senegal, and the United States.

We report on demographic, social, and economic trends and support evidence-based practices that improve the health and well-being of all people. As part of this work, we engage in research translation that analyzes and disseminates information about populations and their well-being; develop communication tools and strategies that drive policy, programming, and funding decisions; and train researchers, journalists, advocates, and others around the world to use evidence in support of decision-making.

Scope of Work (SOW)

Why are we seeking media relations support? PRB seeks to raise the profile of the organization and our staff among the media and public and reach new audiences. The demographic perspective is missing from a lot of stories, such as those on the labor force, a topic for which economists are the go-to experts. Demographers can add a lot of value to these conversations—and PRB wants to be there! Toward that end, the selected consultant or boutique agency will support the Communications Department in the development, organization, and implementation of earned media strategies and events that advance our work.

What does this support look like? We have some activities in mind to achieve our goal, and they are detailed below. These activities help us identify metrics for measuring success and serve as examples to give you an idea of the type of work a consultant or agency might do for PRB. As the consultant or agency gets to know PRB, you may have ideas that haven’t occurred to us. We want to leave room for creativity and flexibility because these traits are key to seizing opportunities and driving success.

  • Proactive media outreach: Pitch stories to media organizations, including high-profile organizations such as BBC, Bloomberg, The Guardian, The New York Times, PBS News Hour, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, including their Africa and Asia regional bureaus.
    • Aim: a minimum of 5 times/year in which top-tier media write about or cover our work as a result of pitches.
  • Events: Support PRB staff in the development and presentation of public or private events that we present or host on key topics related to our areas of expertise. Such support may include presentation feedback, proactive media outreach, and technical organization and hosting of webinars.
    • Aim: at least 4 webinars or events/year that promote our staff and their expertise in key areas such as reproductive health, the care economy, and equity.
  • Media briefings: Collaborate with PRB staff on identifying topics for media briefings; take the lead in inviting reporters to attend the briefings, tracking their participation; and handle technical details and hosting for web-based briefings.
    • Aim: a minimum of 2 briefings/year that draw journalists from top-tier organizations who write about our work after attending a PRB event.

Other activities may be identified and engaged on an ad hoc basis. Specific deliverables and associated level of effort will be agreed upon in writing.

PRB’s Communications Department staff will participate in activities as needed to support content development, including editing and design. The consultant or vendor will primarily work with a single point of contact within the department.

Geographically, where are we focusing our media relations support? As an organization engaged in work around the world, we welcome a consultant or agency with international experience. While the United States remains our primary media market, we want to reach more markets abroad, particularly in East Africa and West Africa (including Francophone West Africa), where our work is growing.


Why now? PRB is implementing a new strategic plan. How this plan is reflected in our public presence—how we talk about ourselves, what we present to our audiences—is key to its success.

Who is our audience? PRB is unique among our peer organizations, such as the African Institute for Development Policy, FHI 360, Pew Research Center, Population Council, and the Urban Institute, in that we work both domestically within the United States and internationally, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Our audiences include researchers and policy implementers, demographers and educators, and the media.


PRB’s maximum annual budget for these services is $40,000. Based on this maximum budget and the type of possible activities, we request you share the number of hours available for the types of roles in your agency required to carry out this work.

We strongly prefer arrangements under which we pay based on actual hours worked but will also consider retainer-type agreements.


The expected contract period is October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024, with an option to extend the contract by up to one year depending on performance and PRB needs.

Proposal Process

Interested consultants and vendors should submit a proposal that lays out your approach, itemized costs, and expected results via email to Nancy Matuszak at, by August 11, 2023. Please submit questions to the same point of contact. We will respond to all questions received on or before August 4, 2023. We will not respond to questions received after that date.

Contract Format

PRB intends to award a labor-hour contract to the responsible consultant or agency whose proposal provides best value to PRB. We reserve the right to make multiple awards based on this solicitation. We also reserve the right not to award a contract to any offeror, or to award the contract to other than the lowest-price offeror.

Proposal Format

Proposals must include the following to be considered:

  • Cover sheet identifying legal name, physical address, description of the organization, list of company officers, and information about how years you have been in business. If you are a small business, also indicate the applicable NAICS code(s) and your exact small business classification (e.g., woman-owned small business).
  • Budget: Provide (1) a table of billing rates and (2) a budget for the scope of services for both (1) the base year and (2) a possible one-year extension. The billing rate table must identify hourly rates associated with different roles needed for this type of work. We strongly prefer a more detailed breakdown of costs. The budget must also specify any retainer conditions (monthly payment, rollover of hours) if applicable. If no retainer conditions are specified, PRB will assume the vendor is amenable to a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Description of your expertise and experience performing similar work, preferably for similar nonprofit clients.
  • Examples of past work of a similar nature.
  • Three references, preferably from other nonprofit clients with similar scopes of work, including name, organizational affiliation, phone number, and email address.
  • Description of 1) how you approach your work and 2) how you propose to manage the client relationship with PRB. For example: 1) How do you prefer to get to know an organization and its needs? What was the inspiration behind your most successful activities of this kind? 2) Would you assign a single point of contact to your work with us? How would PRB submit requests? What are your typical response times? What do you expect from us?


We will evaluate proposals according to the following factors (listed in order of importance):

  • Evidence that the consultant or agency has the experience, resources, and staff to fulfill the project requirements.
  • Price.
  • Quality of work samples from past projects.
  • Client references.
  • Background and experience of staff assigned to the contract.


Nancy Matuszak

Director, Communications & Marketing