(January 2014) In April 2013, the Aspen Institute awarded Kenya, along with the Gambia, Zambia, and with special mention, Sierra Leone, the Resolve Award, which recognizes countries that are surmounting various challenges to bring essential reproductive health services to their citizens.

In Kenya, the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD), working closely with the Population Reference Bureau for over a decade, launched a three-year effort to engage citizens and leaders in developing a visionary new population policy, created by and for the Kenyan people. Through a national leaders conference, parliamentary forums, meetings with district leaders, and public advocacy, and with financial and technical help from PRB, NCPD energized home-grown support for family planning and reproductive health. Their efforts produced a comprehensive Population Policy for National Development, approved by Parliament in 2012, placing family planning at the center of Kenya’s development agenda.

In June 2013, George Kichamu, director for technical services, and Lucy Kimondo, senior program officer of Communication, Advocacy, and Public Education at NCPD, visited Washington, D.C., and spoke at the Aspen Institute about what this policy has achieved so far in Kenya and what challenges remain in making sure all Kenyans have access to reproductive health care.