(May 2011) The prevalence and scope of sexual and intimate-partner violence in the DRC, and particularly eastern Congo, has galvanized significant attention and calls for action. With this increased focus, there is a great need to understand the dimensions of the perpetration of such violence and to ensure that programs address the complex realities on the ground.

Dr. Lynn Lawry, senior health stability and humanitarian assistance specialist, U.S. Department of Defense, discussed recently published findings from a population-based study on sexual violence and human rights abuses in eastern Congo.

Heidi Lehmann, director of gender-based violence technical unit, International Rescue Committee (IRC), discussed the challenges and successes of IRC’s work with community groups and partner organizations to prevent sexual violence and ensure that survivors have access to comprehensive, quality services.

Dr. Nancy Glass, associate professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and associate director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, discussed her collaborative efforts with Congolese NGOs to bring critically needed clinical and economic services to sexual violence survivors and their families in eastern Congo.