• This report also in French and Arabic.

(July 2004) In response to an expressed need by the Female Genital Cutting (FGC) Interagency Working Group of USAID, PRB worked with four other collaborating agencies in 2003 and 2004 to answer the question: what information exists on female genital cutting and what information gaps are perceived by individuals and groups that work to eradicate this practice?

Information was gathered via in-country questionnaires administered in eight African countries ( Burkina Faso , Egypt , Ethiopia , Guinea , Kenya , Mali , Senegal , and Uganda ) where FGC is practiced and through the innovative Internet survey tool, Survey Monkey. The five groups that collaborated to evaluate the information (PRB, FHI PATH, Population Council, and the Manoff Group) also conducted an informal review of 29 websites commonly known to carry information on FGC.

The picture that has emerged—of particular gaps in information on best practices, success stories, and evaluated operations research–will prove useful to decisionmakers and program managers everywhere as they try to get the best information into the right hands.