(March 2011) On March 10, 2011, the Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) held a Plenary in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. After a welcome by Michal Avni, senior gender advisor at USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health in the Global Health Bureau, a special presentation was given by Karen Hardee, president of Hardee Associates and a longtime IGWG member, speaking on her recent work in Afghanistan,””Developing a National Gender Strategy for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health.

Snapshots of other new innovative work on a wide range of gender and RH topics were also presented during the plenary by IGWG members, including:

  • Gender Discrimination and Maternal Health in India
  • Male Engagement and Emergency Contraception in Ghana
  • Reproductive Health Consequences of Polygamy in Niger
  • Natural Family Planning Use and Gender Considerations
  • A look at a new USAID-funded data sheet by PRB on the World’s Women and Girls 2011

Additionally, the results of a recent questionnaire about the IGWG including feedback on gaps, challenges, and opportunities were shared.