(November 2014) PRB held its popular workshop, “Training NGOs to Work With the Media,” this fall in Kisumu, Kenya. The workshop introduced representatives of nongovernmental organizations to the basic skills for working with media to better advocate for key population issues.

The training included participants from Kenya and Uganda who work on a variety of topics—population, reproductive health, HIV, and the environment—in the Lake Victoria basin. The group spent two intensive days learning about the importance of working with the media and how to maximize their media interaction. They learned how to craft key messages, to interview, and to write press releases and op-eds; and they had a special session on social media. Workshop participants held a mock news conference to practice their skills.

Participants left the workshop with new knowledge and skills they can apply to their work. One participant commented that the workshop has “made [him] more confident to interact with the media,” while others said it provided skills to help communicate key messages in simple and clear ways using various media platforms and how to start building a good and effective relationship with the media.