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Effects of the Great Recession on Older Americans’ Health and Well-Being Issue 32, November 2015
(PDF: 115KB)

Research on Health and Well-Being Aims to Improve Quality of Life in Later Years Issue 31, June 2015
(PDF: 128KB)

Life Expectancy Gains and Public Programs for the Elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean Issue 30, April 2014
(PDF: 207KB)

Elderly Immigrants in the United States Issue 29, October 2013
(PDF: 605KB)

The Health and Life Expectancy of Older Blacks and Hispanics in the United States Issue 28, June 2013
(PDF: 710KB)

The Interaction of Genes, Behavior, and Social Environment Issue 27, December 2012 (PDF: 651KB)

Noncommunicable Diseases Among Older Adults in Low- and Middle-Income Countries  Issue 26, August 2012
(PDF: 586KB)

India’s Aging Population  Issue 25, March 2012
(PDF: 386KB)

Planning for Retirement and End-of-Life Care  Issue 24, January 2012
(PDF: 516KB)

The Health and Well-Being of Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren Issue 23, December 2011
(PDF: 250KB)

Trends in Life Expectancy in the United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands: Rapid Increase, Stagnation, and Resumption  Issue 22, August 2011
(PDF: 282KB)

Volunteering and Health For Aging Populations  Issue 21, August 2011
(PDF: 287KB)

China’s Rapidly Aging Population  Issue 20, July 2010
(PDF: 288KB)

Aging and the Health Care Workforce  Issue 19, June 2010
(PDF: 279KB)

HIV/AIDS and Older Adults in the United States  Issue 18, December 2009
(PDF: 196KB)

Social Support, Networks, and Happiness  Issue 17, June 2009
(PDF: 587KB)

Effects of Early Life on Elderly Health  Issue 16, April 2009
(PDF: 529KB)

Social Security Systems Around the World  Issue 15, January 2009
(PDF: 152KB)

Use of Biomarkers in Predicting Health and Mortality  Issue 14, September 2008
(PDF: 81KB)

Obesity, Economics, and Health  Issue 13, September 2008
(PDF: 74KB)

Older Workers and Retirement  Issue 12, June 2008
(PDF: 78KB)

Socioeconomic Status and Health Disparities in Old Age  Issue 11, June 2008
(PDF: 68KB)

Caregiver Health  Issue 10, December 2007
(PDF: 71KB)

Why Do We Make Bad Decisions? Findings From a New Science  Issue 9, November 2007
(PDF: 68KB)

Underweight, Undernutrition, and the Aging  Issue 8, October 2007
(PDF: 72KB)

Trends in Disability at Older Ages  Issue 7, September 2007
(PDF: 76KB)

How Does HIV/AIDS Affect the Elderly in Developing Countries?  Issue 6, August 2007
(PDF: 71KB)

Cognitive Aging: Imaging, Emotion, and Memory  Issue 5, July 2007
(PDF: 73KB)

Global Health and Population Aging   Issue 4, June 2007 (PDF: 67KB)

Savings and the Elderly   Issue 3, May 2007
(PDF: 73KB)

Prescription Drugs and Medicare   Issue 2, April 2007
(PDF: 101KB)

Healthy Aging  Issue 1, March 2007
(PDF: 101KB)

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