(November 2014) In September in Nairobi, a special youth coalition supported through PRB’s IDEA project met with Kenya’s Ministry of Health’s technical working group responsible for revising the country’s adolescent reproductive health policy. IDEA created the coalition, known as the Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Civil Society Organization (CSO) Coalition, in 2011 as part of efforts to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to influence policy change around youth sexual and reproductive health. PRB’s IDEA (Informing DEcisionmakers to Act) project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

More than 50 representatives from government and donor agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and civil society attended this meeting, where coalition participants shared their advice on how the current Kenyan Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development Policy can be strengthened. Key among their recommendations were:

  • The revised policy should focus on adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights, rather than just adolescent reproductive health.
  • The revised policy should include a required adolescent- and youth-friendly minimum services package.

IDEA’s involvement will help facilitate a participatory process so that the revised policy has more support, is ready to be implemented, and fully reflects the most pressing sexual and reproductive health needs of Kenya’s adolescents and young people. The revised policy is expected to be finalized in 2015.